What Do We Do?


1. Helping normal people with a limited time for fitness feel amazing and become incredibly fit.
We'll get you there.  And we'll do it safely.

2. Helping youth & adult athletes (as young as 13) build the basis for strength, speed, and fitness they need to succeed at the highest levels of competitive sport & ingrain good habits for a healthy future. 

Quantum CrossFit has enabled me to achieve all the goals I had set out for and then some...I have currently to date lost roughly 9% body fat in 4 months...and have also put on 12 pounds of lean muscle
— Dan, Sales Manager

Who Do We Work With?

Local People

Quantum CrossFit works with people in the Toronto Area in person at our training centre in Midtown Toronto.

Distance Clients

We also work with distance clients all over the world as far as Australia and Congo to offer coaching on nutrition and program design via. skype, email, video analysis etc.

Quantum has changed my life in only positive ways that are measureable and ways that are unmeasureable. This past spring I had my annual check up and for the 1st time in my life my blood work came back CLEAR!!
— Jolie, mom


Why We're Different

We call it CrossFit 2.0

CrossFit can be insanely effective at transforming people's bodies, enabling them to build strength and fitness so they can do things they never thought possible, and letting people who hate the gym finally have fun and enjoy their workout.

But, just like any sport or fitness program, it can also be a bit risky when it's implemented in a careless fashion.

We train smarter. We constantly refine and updated our unique training system by taking the best training methods across the globe outside of the CrossFit community and combining them with the best that traditional CrossFit has to offer.

We truly care about you. A lot. The best part of our job is when out trainees succeed beyond their wildest expectations. When you join here, we promise to give you everything you need to enable you demolish your current goals and cruise beyond them. All you need to do is show up and follow the plan. We'll hold up our end of the bargain by giving everything we can to keep you progressing from week to week, from month to month, and from year to year.  

We take a long-term view. We're in this for the long haul so the changes you see are permanent and sustainable. Unlike many bootcamps and fitness programs, we won't sacrifice proper technique for small gains in the short-run. We're here to set you up properly so you're happy in three months AND so you're still improving five or ten years from now.


As frustrating as it has been coming back after such a long absence and illness, I am so impressed with my progress from your coaching. What seemed like passive exercises has gotten me right back into the mix in only 4 short weeks

Thanks for everything and moving forward
— Elizabeth, Realtor

What Programs Do We Offer?

Training for Adults

1. Individual Training

2. Small Group Training

3. Program Design & Nutrition Coaching For Off-Site Trainees

Training For Youths & Competitive Athletes

1. Individualized Training On-Site

CrossFit Quantum is located at Unit #36-2 Thorncliffe Park Dr in Toronto’s Leaside Community
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Call us: 416-421-5266

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I would recommend this gym to anyone and everyone looking to shake up their current routine and to push themselves to limits they didn’t know they had. The energy of everyone at the gym is also what makes me come back for more. The coaches and the members are all positive.
— Dolores, Production Coordinator