Name: Chris
Occupation: District Vice President,  RBC Global Asset Management, Advisor Sales Channel
Age: 50

CrossFit was recommended to me by several colleagues at work.  Searching local affiliates I discovered Quantum.  I really liked the atmosphere, style of coaching, and the fact that it is a high intensity work out that maximized my time in the gym. Program is tailored to me and the coaches provided great suggestions for personal improvement in strength, fitness and nutrition. The coaches,  Tyler, Summer, Peter and Leah were influential in helping me decide to join Quantum and keeping me involved in the program.
Over the years I have struggled with maintaining a healthy weight and finding time to exercise.  My job requires many hours on the road and in meetings with little time or attention to nutrition or fitness. Quantum has provided me with a plan to make the right nutrition choices and fitness program that works perfect with my schedule.
I like the intensity of the exercise, the focus on doing the exercise routine the correct way,  the opportunity to compete in an activity every time that I am in the gym. The additional focus on nutrition which has had a huge impact on appearance and health.

I have experienced the following improvements (to name a few):


  • Improved Endurance which is noticeable in my weekly cycling
  • Lowered body fat, loss of 20 pounds
  • Improved diet. Summer’s nutrition coaching has me make better choices for meals. Occupational hazard is I eat out most meals during the week and with Summer’s guidance I have made better choices.
  • Increased strength, many new personal bests in strength which were never measured before joining CrossFit.
  • Eliminated and reduced numbness in foot and weakness in ankle
  • Lowered blood pressure to the surprise of my doctor before CrossFit 140/100 now 110/80.
  • New diet has eliminated Acid Reflux
  • More attention to sleep leading to improved sleep patterns
  • Most importantly more energized at work with noticeable improvement in productivity