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Individualized Training

We begin by assessing any of the following: goals, lifestyle variables, food profile, regeneration ability, body composition, biosignature analysis, movement patterns, and structural balance. You’ll work with a coach on an individualized exercise plan, as well as receiving lifestyle and nutrition coaching. This is the fastest way to reach your goals and get exactly what you want.

Individualized training plans start are $250/month.



Movement and Mobility

Quantum is lucky to have one of Toronto’s most sought after experts in flexibility training to help you stay lose and feel great.

We combine the most cutting edge protocols in flexibility and body control training, including Fascial Stretch Therapy, to show you how to:
-ease your chronic pain with simple do-it-at-home techniques
-improve flexibility where you actually need it
-build strength and biomechanically correct movement patterns so you can stop putting your body in damaging positions
-maximize your potential in strength and fitness by developing optimal movement
-avoid silly injuries by keeping your body ready and supple at all times.

Group mobility classes are 30mins, are free for members and $10 for non-members.

Get a customized mobility and movement plan for best results. The first session is $95 and lasts 60mins




In this CrossFit Endurance curriculum, we teach:

  1. How to run with correct mechanisms to reduce pain and injury, and improve race speed.
  2. How to structure your training program for general fitness or for race performance.
  3. How to eat for health and performance.

Running is a skill that takes practice to master. This program will teach you to avoid the common pitfalls that lead to pain, injury, weakness, and stalled performance. Over 5 personalized sessions (5-6 weeks), we’ll analyze current gain and running pattern, discuss training goals, drill practice to correct mechanics, review recovery techniques, and nutrition.
Taught by Quantum coaches who are certified to teach the CrossFit Endurance curriculum.

$395 for 5 sessions

Still not sure if Quantum CrossFit is for you?



Adult Gymnastics

Our adult gymnastics program runs twice a week. We focus on building fundamental body control and strength.

Our program is built on proven progressions from complete beginner to advanced athlete. No matter where you’re starting we’ll assess where you are and show you how to progress into some very cool feats of strength and body control over time.

Work on bars, rings, parallettes and the floor to master pull-ups, muscle-ups, levers, planche holds, hand balancing, and more!

Free for members.
Drop-in for non-members is $20.




Quantum’s powerlifting team has produced some national and international records including two of our coaches who are record holders.

We start by dissecting and fine-tune your technique to squeeze out your peak potential.

From there we identify which weaknesses are holding you and back from progressing and we attack them.

Finally, we use a carefully planned training plan that’s tailored to fit each athlete’s goals, schedules, recovery ability and essence as an athlete.

Group program starts at $169/month.
Individualized training plans start are $250/month.



Wrecking Crew Youth Training

The Quantum Youth Athlete Development Program (The Wrecking Crew) is the best way for young athletes to improve sport performance, physical size, strength, and/or general fitness.

Every young athlete arrives to us at a different level of development and with different needs and goals. Every single youth trainee gets a completely customized program and coaching plan tailored to their individual needs.

By teaching correct training methods, we optimize current fitness levels and form a foundation for a life of health, wellness, and productive training.




Small Group Training

Get the personal attention, expert coaching, nutrition optimization and meticulously designed program that a pro athlete receives for less than cost of personal training.

When you learn how to effectively use full body functional exercises, high intensity intervals, and have a smart, varied training plan, it only 3 hours a weeks to transform your body, build incredible strength, improve speed, balance and conditioning beyond your wildest expectations.

Sessions last about one hour, including a warm-up and complete, balanced workout with a specific goal for that day.
With an average coach to staff ratio is 1:5 and we know everyone’s name and fitness goals.

and are closely coached. Our average coach to trainee ratio for 2014 was 1:5.

Our coaching staff will then adjust your training plan to correct these items.

If necessary we’ll build you a totally customized plan to get your properly prepped for our group program for as long as you need it.

If you don’t think you’re fit enough for our program, think again. Our no-cost customized programs will get you up to speed no matter where you’re starting.

No other group program has this level of individualization to make sure you have the right start – one that will set you up for long-term success.

Group program starts at $169/month.

**Not ready to jump right into our program? No problem. We’ll design a 100% personalized program to get you there at no extra cost!**




Programs & Pricing

We invite you to come and give us a try – your first session is free. You’ll meet one-on-one with one of our coaches to talk about your fitness goals, go through a functional movement assessment, and introduce you to our amazing community. We will work with you to help select a program that is the right fit.