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Massage Therapy

Therapeutic massage can help work out kinks and improve recovery between sessions. Our resident registered massage therapist Wendy Jans will be able to help discover the areas where your tissue quality is suffering and apply the appropriate techniques to help you improve function.  Not only does she train at the gym herself, but she’s been instrumental in the success of some of our top performing athletes who can now train harder and more often with the aid of proper massage!

Whether it’s muscle pain due to exercise, postural stress, repetitive strain injuries (driving too long, working at a computer or sports related), or from specific conditions such as arthritis, sciatica, carpal tunnel and chronic low back or neck pain or that you may just need to relax, the benefits of massage can be numerous and long lasting.

Single session $55
Package of four $200 (save $20)

Single session $70
Package of four $250 (save $30)

Single session $85
Package of four $300 (save $40)

Single session $120
Package of four $420 (save $60)

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Exercise and nutrition go hand-in-hand for optimal health. At Crossfit Quantum we’ve got you covered with what we believe to be the most effective and efficient training program in the country.

However, top performance, overall long-term health, and changes to your body composition require proper nutrition too.

All of our members receive one-on-one nutrition coaching at no extra cost. We’ll make the journey easy, help you build lasting habits and customize the plan each step of the way.

If you are only interested in nutrition coaching for weight loss, sport performance or building muscle, come in for a free 25min consult to see where you’re starting, what your goals are, and leave with specific actions you can take to move you forward.



Other Services

Quantum CrossFit offers a number of additional services to make it easier for our members to enjoy a healthy, happy lifestyle.