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Friday April 16, 2010

Ever question mid workout why the heck you are putting yourself through this pain?  Ever find yourself thinking "why am I here suffering instead of at home sleeping?"  Ever get asked "why would you ever do that to yourself in the name of fitness?"

WHY?  Because taking on CrossFit makes you stronger, and not just in body!  Accomplishing a lift, or battling through a MetCon makes you both physically and mentally tough.  It takes you to a place well outside your comfort zone...and teaches the body and mind how to cope, how to survive, how to excel.

This is a beautiful thing...and it reaches further than the walls of the gym.  It gives you an appreciation of what real discomfort feels like, and helps you ignore the mole hills and tackle the mountains.  It takes an unpleasant situation and makes it deal-able.

A strong body is awesome (and heck...who doesn't want to look good naked!)...but a strong mind is beautiful.

Use that "pain" for gain.  Don't fixate on the negative...just look to the positive outcome.


*Benchmark Workout - compare to March 13, 2010

6 Rounds for Time:

  • 10 DB Muscle Snatch/side
  • Run 200m or 15 Box Jumps

(complete as you did on March 13th - same weights and run or box jumps)



Wednesday April 14, 2010

I bet you were thinking "oh good, it's hump day!"  Half way to the weekend can make anyone smile.  Then the WOD gets posted...FRAN...there goes the happy.

Yes kids, today is Fran Day...taking all the pep outta hump day for most!  Fran is probably the most revered and feared of CrossFit workouts.  Two movements, the thruster and pull up, that can reduce even the most badass of CrossFitters to a crumpled mess when the final nine pull ups are complete.

Fran is a bragging right.  Meet a fellow CrossFitter and it's not uncommon to hear "yah, but what's your Fran time?"  For some it's a badge of honour and they boast about their crazy sub-whatever times.  For others, it's a workout that they would rather forget, and quietly keep their time to themselves!

At CrossFit Quantum, this is our second run at Fran since we opened last month.  This week is all about benchmarks and progress.

When you take on Fran today, fight the discomfort and don't give in.  Don't worry about those around you and their times. This is about YOUR progress.  You are in competition with yourself.

So when the question arises...what's your Fran can boast with confidence "40 whooping seconds faster than my last Fran time!"



  • Thrusters (boys 95#/girls 65#)
  • Pull Ups



Monday April 12, 2010

It's Benchmark week.  Remember all that data you have been meticulously recording in your log book.  It's time to see how you fare!  This week is all about reflecting on your past performance, and recognizing your progress.

It's also a week of recovery before we hit the next training cycle.  Use this week to foam roll, stretch, work those skill drills and accessory work,  eat well and get some good zzzzz's in.  Also, highly recommend listening to a Rob-cast or two...or 22!

We want you all to be the best you can, so really use this week to treat your body well and be ready to hit it hard next week and keep the PR's coming.


Cindy'ish *Compare with March 9

Complete as Many Rounds as Possible in  15 minutes of:

  • 5 Pull-ups
  • 10 Push-ups
  • 15 Squats



Safe Travels Wednesday

Tomorrow we have our last workout with our fave military guy, Alex, for awhile.  While we are sad to say farewell, we are incredibly honoured to know Alex, and super proud of him.  Alex leaves for Afghanistan for an 8 month deployment later this week.  Anyone who knows Alex will know he parties as hard as he CrossFits, and has a big ole' heart.  All of which we will miss dearly while he is away.

Alex has spent the past six months  training at the Canadian Forces Base in Petawawa and the Californian desert.  We were lucky enough to have Alex join us at CrossFit Quantum for the past month while he was home.

We have plenty of fond memories to tie us over until Alex returns, and a few not so great hangovers!  For those that want to stay in touch, and send a few "memories of home" packages to Alex while he is away, please ask us for his contact details and we will forward them to you.

Alex is coming in for the 5pm class tomorrow, so make sure to join us if you can.  We strongly encourage camo gear, war paint and aviators!

Alex, words can't express how much we will miss you.  Be Safe.  Make us proud.  And for gosh-darn sake, stay outta trouble!

From all your family at CFQ...biggie hugs.

ps.  Your absence will give us ample time to prepare for the big welcome home party...our livers will thank us for the break!


Gymnastic Skill

Complete 3-4 Rounds


  • 5 Kip Swings
  • 5 sec L-Sit Progression  (tuck holds)


  • 5 Ring Inverts
  • 10 sec L-sit


  • 5 Skin the Cats (tempo: 3/2/3/2)
  • 15 sec L-sit on rings


Work kipping pull-up mechanics


As Many Rounds as Possible in 10 minutes of:

  • 8 Overhead Walking Lunges/per side
  • 12 Knees to Elbows


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Holiday Hours This Weekend

Happy Easter to all those celebrating this weekend!  And Happy Passover to all those celebrating right now!

The gym will have holiday hours on Friday April 2.  Classes are scheduled for 9am, 5pm, and 6pm.  Get some sweating in before the choclate bunnies arrive!

Saturday and Monday hours are business as usual.

Enjoy your celebrations,

The Q'Crew

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Brace Yourself

There is a key component of strength training that we often overlook.

Many of us go through the mental checklist of key posture cues before each lift.  For some this is a quick body check, for others it is a detailed inventory of all their limbs and positions.  I personally run through a gazillion items before each lift!

  • Foot Position?  Check
  • Grip?  Check
  • Lumbar curve?  Check
  • Chest up?  Ahem...way up!?  Check
  • Shoulder blades engaged?  Check
  • Head position?  Check

This list increases or decreases depending on the lift, and how challenging the movement is for me!  For example, a squat of any flavour has me doing a gazillion and one checks.

But there is one element we often forget.  Breathing!  Yes, that thing we do everyday without even thinking.  When lifting, especially when trying for a PR, this little unthought of element is crucial to the success of your lift, and the health of your spine!

Conscious Breathing during strength training actually makes you stronger.  People commonly think that they should breathe in or out during a lift.  Not so kids!  It is in fact the exact opposite.  The very act of holding your breath is what keeps your body in a safe stable state, leading to high fiving PR's and healthy backs!

This breathing is refered to as Bracing.  Bracing is not a shallow chest breath.  It requires you to take a deep breath into the diaphragm, making your belly large, and locking it in there.  Girls, forget your vanity - deep belly breaths are hot!  This act of breathing in, and using that breathe to lock and stabilize the spine, is your ticket to safely lifting some crazy loads off the floor!

Check out CrossFit Invictus' post on how to properly brace.  As they state, this is something you need to practice.  Start incorporating it into the Overhead Squat in your warm up and feel the difference between a "loose" squat and a "braced" squat.

Next time you see someone with a beautiful full belly making a strange face during their lift...chances are they have done the Brace Check!



Have We Met?

We try to make sure we always introduce new members.  Our close knit community is one of our greatest strengths.  There is nothing more motivating than the support and encouragement of your fellow athlete.  Just when you think you can't do another rep, an encouraging voice shouts out and you find that inner power to keep pushing.

This weekend is the CrossFit Sectionals.  This is the qualifier for the Regionals, which leads to the CrossFit Games this summer.  It's the Olympics of CrossFit.  A gathering of the strongest, fastest, and most of all, dedicated athletes from the CrossFit Universe.

We are incredibly lucky to have Elanna representing CrossFit Quantum in this weekends sectionals.  For those that don't know Elanna...let me take a minute to introduce her!

When I first asked Elanna if she would mind me doing a profile on her she asked "shouldn't I accomplish something before you do a profile?" WHAT?!  First, I think each and every one of our members deserves a profile as they accomplish great feats everyday!  We are fortunate to have an incredibly diverse community, who each contribute in their own way.  Anyone who walks in the door and commits to CrossFit is extra special in my books!

Second, Elanna has accomplished more in under a year, than most will in a lifetime!  She is a phenomenal athlete and incredibly dedicated to her nutrition and training.  And you won't find an ounce of ego in her!

So let me introduce you to Elanna!

Why did you start CrossFit?

I was a basketball player and always loved weightlifting and overall fitness training.  I started lifting when I was 17 and sports have always been a big part of my life.  When ball was over I kept fit but wanted something I could compete at again, that was a bit more edgy.  I wanted to be pushed.  I had heard of CrossFit and went to check it out.  I watched one workout and thought  "this is awesome, sign me up!"

How has CrossFit affected your overall fitness?

I think I'm the fittest I've ever been. I wish I had done this when I was a bit younger so I still had young legs!

What got you hooked?

I love the community.  I love the people and their energy and their commitment.  I look forward to seeing them everyday. They inspire me and make me better.  I feel like CrossFit gives me a purpose to training, and I'm surrounded by like-minded people who get it.  Also, I love that there's always room to take your skills and abilities to the next level; there isn't an endpoint with CrossFit.  I have also learned how to eat properly for performance and how to encourage people around me and celebrate their successes.

How have you evolved in your Athletic Performance?

I've just become a more complete athlete.  Crossfit exposes your weaknesses big time;  you have to take those weaknesses on and I've started to do that. It's more than just being athletic-it's developing skills in a more complete and comprehensive way.


(I had to laugh when Elanna stated that she thought she should "accomplish" something before being profiled.  Check out her stats...I'd say she is good on the accomplishments!)

Fran time - 3:25 Grace-2:09 Jackie -6:58 Getting a Muscle Up - no kip required!

Back squat - 210 lbs Clean and jerk - 150 lbs Press -115 lbs Deadlift - 260 lbs Bench - 165 lbs Dead hangs - 10

Fave Workout?

Annie 50-40-30-20-10 Double Unders Sit Ups

Most dreaded Workout?

Anything with Overhead Squat

Best Skills?

Pull ups, box jumps, and vertical leap


Overhead Squat

What you might not know about Elanna:

I used to play competitive ball - played in Texas. I used to be able to touch the rim Elanna is a math teacher.  (she used the term "math dork!")

Fun Facts:

What do you miss most since switching to Paleo?

Baguettes and Cheesecake

Who is your CrossFit idol?

My CrossFit idol is Peter Roberts!

What's the first thing you are going to do after the Sectionals this weekend?

Eat cheesecake. Maybe. It's a slippery slope.  Also - give everyone who's helped me a big hug!

Fave workout tune?

Anything Leah can dance to; especially if it's the running man! (which pretty much means any tune, as Leah can, and has, done the running man to everything imaginable...sometimes not even needing music!)

We wish Elanna the best of luck this weekend.  She has worked incredibly hard in getting ready for the Sectionals and is a huge inspiration to all.



Flirting with Fame

Some of you may not be aware that we have a celebrity among us!

Yes, CrossFit Quantum is lucky to have the lovely Summer (a.k.a. Cosmopolitan Primal Girl) as one of our awesome ladies.  Not only can she serve it up on the gym floor with heavy barbells and stunning pull ups...this gal is a killer in the kitchen!  If you think Paleo is dull, then you haven't tried the Cosmo Primal way!

Check out her latest!  For all those toying with Paleo, it's time to fall in love!  Don't rush it...enjoy the game and FLIRT a little!

Intrigued?  Still a non-believer that Paleo is possible for life?  I dare you to come along on a World Tour of incredible food at Paleo Nights #3 ...Cosmopolitan Primal Girl will make you a believer!



march madness

barely two weeks in and the CFQ box is overflowing with awesomeness!

welcome to all our new members, and a special welcome to our first foundations group!

we are overwhelmed by the dedication and support of everyone, and are excited to see our community grow.  we are also super proud of all the great stuff our members have going on.  everyday we are seeing huge improvements and impressive PR's.  not to mention we've celebrated two special gals birthdays, which included birthday sprints and leotards!  really, what more could we ask for?  the q'crew is all smiles!

we've got some really exciting stuff coming up too.  endurance specific training protocols for you super-athletes!  another paleo nights later this month with the lovely cosmopolitan primal girl (details coming soon!)  the official grand opening include some great tunes and non-paleo celebratory cocktails.  you can be certain lady G will be gracing us with her legendary dance moves on both these occasions - guaranteed to be bigger and better than her post-WOD robot and running man!  and if you haven't noticed, peter has been busting out the moves lately and we're sure he's saving his big debut for the grand opening.

you are also going to see a lot of good stuff in the programming over the next few weeks.  our focus and goal is to see you "be better than yesterday."  your performance improvements are markers of how well we are serving you, and that is key to us! stay tuned for specific strengthening, mobility and stretching programs to help each of you combat your individual "goats."

the q'crew had a vision of an awesome space, filled with an incredible community working towards athletic excellence.  each of you are making that a reality.

as a huge thank you, we are extending a discounted  april/may membership to our march joiners! we are offering a 2 month membership (april and may) for $125 + tax/month, as a token of our gratitude for all the love we have seen from our members.

the fine print:  this is only available to our members that join in march.  payments can be made by cash or cheque and we ask that you commit to both april and may.

there aren't enough high-fives in the universe to express how thankful we are to have such an awesome community, and how excited we are to see the awesomeness grow!

the q'crew



The Stockings were Hung by the Chimney with Care...

Well actually, they were knee socks!

The knee socks were laid out with great care, in hopes that CrossFitters would soon be there!

Weeks of scrubbing, painting, drilling, hammering, more drilling, more hammering, lifting, moving...did I mention drilling? All in preparation for the big day...the opening of CrossFit Quantum.

Saturday marked the official opening of our beloved CFQ box.  We opened the doors and in flowed awesomness!  We were overwhelmed with the amazing turnout and support from everyone.  A great day was had as we reunited with old friends, made new friends, snacked on delicious paleo goodies, and christened the newly laid mats with sweat angels!

It took a lot of hard work to get us here, and we couldn't have done it without some incredible support.  Some very special thank yous are in order.

To the lovely Sara, there are no words to express our gratitude.  Her artistic skills were max'd out as she designed our killer t-shirts and knee socks, filled our space with incredible photography, laid out the AMAZING wall decal, and tirelessly made phone call after phone call.  In between these feats of greatness, she painted, scrubbed and prepped alongside us.  We truly couldn't have accomplished all we did without you.

The Great Senior Weir who gave many many hours to Operation Pull Up Bars!  And a mission it was!  A big thank you for your guidance and patience...and for keeping the Q'Crew boys safe!

James and Craig for their expertise!

The Gals!  Lisa, Natalie, Summer and Katherine!  No job was too big for this crew!  Some even found new passions...exclamations of "Oh, I love painting" and "this is totally therapeutic" could be heard throughout the box!  Not to mention the bouts of laughter they brought!

Noah...our helper from afar.  We are so very thankful for your constant support and advice.

Cosmopolitan Primal Girl, who continues to wow us with her primal creations.  We look forward to many future paleo nights and good eats!  Thanks so much for all the opening goodies...delish.

Mini and Medium Weir (aka Madeline and Laura)!  Our unwavering cheerleaders who supported with coffee, errand runs, and daily smiles.

And of course, everyone who joined us Saturday in celebration.

We are excited to see our CrossFit Quantum community grow and achieve amazing feats!

Many, many thanks.

The Q'Crew

Check out all the fun that was had on our facebook fan page!


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Q Gear

Every new affiliate needs some shiny new gear!  Thanks to the lovely Sara S we have ours! Introducing CrossFit Quantum tees!  Sure to bring out the fire-breather in us all...and look super cute while doing it!  Lulu's or board shorts, they're perfect for pairing!

For the ladies...

For the guys...

We've got more awesome gear to come.  Get your tees while they last at our Open House, or email us at

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Building Awesometown

The Q'Crew have been hard at work all weekend.  Like your typical superheroes, we've been fighting grime, battling dust bunnies  and painting the town..Awesometown that is.  Also, much like the average superhero, we have harnessed our powers and unleashed them to hipify our not so secret lair...CrossFit Quantum. Lady G used her super robot-moves to dance through wall washing and painting.  Tyler employed his super paint skills and kept us all rolling in awesome straight and unstreaky lines!  Peter kept our spirits high with soca and reggae tunes pumping from his super boom-box.  T-dot Sio ensured the crew was fueled with powerful Americanos.

The transformation is happening at a fast and furious pace.

A special thank you to our ever lovely sidekick Supa' Sara!  A master of the camera and paint brush.  We couldn't have conquered as much as we did without you.  Biggie high fives to Medium and Mini Weir for being so darn cute (both of you!) and stopping by with more paint supplies, Starbuck's juice, and smiles!  And of course, Senior Weir, who delivered the ladder just in time, saving us from balancing on each others shoulders with drippy paint brushes!



Introducing...Our Home!

May we introduce the new home of CrossFit Quantum!

If you thought Fran or Murph were challenging, we've got news for you!  There is something out there more gruesome than Thrusters and Pull Ups, and no amount of Push Ups, Sit Ups or Squats could top the amount of hard work and focus we have just completed.  That's right...the ultimate workout...Lease for Reps!

Actually it may be more realistic to say Lease for as many rounds as possible...except the duration was months not minutes!

After endless hours of emails, phone calls and visits...pages and pages of agreements, counter agreements, reviews and edits...WE HAVE OUR LEASE.

Which means CrossFit Quantum has it's home.  The beautiful Leaside neighbourhood.

Our own little space complete with pull up door and back alley, all waiting to be filled with barbells, plates, and most importantly YOU!

What better way to kick off 2010, than taking a Quantum Leap!

We are all super excited to get started and share our new space.  We lovingly call CrossFit Quantum "AwesomeTown" as that is what we expect it to be!  A place where amazing people come together to achieve amazing goals as one big awesome community.

Already that community is sprouting!  The overwhelming support from everyone has been incredibly generous and touching! Biggie HIGH FIVES all around!

Check out our Q'News February Newsletter for more details and Winter Fun!

Stay tuned as the transformation starts!



karma saturday

there may be mixed views about crossfit and it's training principles.  but one thing that cannot be disputed is that crossfit peeps are one of the friendliest, most supportive groups out there.

point in case...this saturday on the west-side is hosting a haiti relief fundraising event. crossfit affiliate owner, dhani oks is a do-gooder and has organized many events to benefit the community.  this time...he's making the cause global for a population in great need right now.

"operation lift haiti" all money raised will go to globalmedic, an organization that provides emergency relief to those effected by natural disasters.

the event is a fun way to help, and ALL levels of athletes are welcome.  bring the kiddies too!  teams of two will work together to complete max reps and top scores!

date:  saturday, january 30, 2010 time: noon location:  crossfitgyms, 20 gladstone avenue

THE WORKOUT 20 pull-ups estimated average reps: 400-700+ 20 thrusters (boys 65 lbs, girls 45 lbs) 20 kettle bell swings (boys 16 kg, girls 12 kg) 20 push-ups 20 box jumps (20 inch)

score as many reps as possible in 15 minutes.  one partner works at a time, and movements can be split among the pair. so if thrusters ain't your thing...your partner has you covered!

there are rx'd and scaled versions, so don't let "i can't do that" stop you from joining!

participants are asked to register before noon on friday jan.29th. if you are interested please contact us at as we are submitting participants to dhani. don't worry if you are solo...we have lots of partners to go around! ;)

can't make it?  consider sponsoring a team, and spread the word!

get your crew together and get your karma on!



meat success!

our first paleo nights was a HUGE success.  what started as a few confirmed guests, turned into a bumping night with 25 attendees enjoying delicious paleo goodness and fabulous company.  oh...and some quasi-paleo DID start from grapes right! the star of the evening was the lovely ms cosmopolitan primal girl!  her incredible recipes were transformed into the real deal and we were the happy recipients of a delish 3-course paleo meal.  from appetizers to dessert, she held us captive by our taste buds.

a HUGE thanks to all those that attended.  the evening was not only full of wonderful food, but also of amazing people and conversation.

a very special thank you to semi-primal husband, who single handedly saved the night and still made it back it time to man the meat and produce the most perfectly done grass-fed roast!  (a very funny story the time sheer panic)  but he kept his cool, hopped in his batmobile, and returned unflustered with the key to our foodlicious treasures (locked upstairs in a friends apartment!)

lastly, but certainly not least, thank you to the healthy butcher for the scrumptious meat and coupon flyer!

with such a great turnout, we had some leftover funds and were happy we could donate it to haiti relief efforts.  in fact, ms. primal's place of work matched the funds, and a total of $200 was donated.  good karma!

this is just the primal's already got more foodfantasies in the making...stay tuned.

check out all the detail on cosmopolitan primal girls site.

team quantum


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paleo nights are coming...

join us for a night of paleo fun with cosmopolitan primal girl! she's a hipster on a mission to share her urban primal adventures in food.

primal nights is a chance to get together and learn about paleo/primal nutrition, it's benefits, learn new recipes, and make it more accessible to anybody!

"meat protein!" on january 23rd cosmo primal girl will explore the world of protein! *the importance of protein. ie: impact on metabolism, fat and energy *what does "lean" really mean? paleo vs primal on lean and fatty meats *who's game? the more exotic side of meat including elk, bison, venison, rabbit, and duck and where you can get it in the city

with all the food talk we will of course have some tastings!!

on the menu...

appetizers: spicy sweet and sour elk/veal mini meatballs duck hash on paleo crisps coconut shrimp

main: grass-fed beef roast with pureed parsnips and sauteed rapini and spinach

dessert: pineapple-banana upside down cake (aka paleo heaven) assortment of paleo cookies and treats

and of course wine paired to compliment each course (not so paleo!)

cost: $30 per person or bring a friend for $50 per pair!

the night promises to be full of learning and fun. even the most resistant paleo-convert will cave to the delectable dishes.

a paleo lifestyle does not condemn one to steamed broccoli and bland chicken breast. come out and learn how delicious and healthful the primal life is.

please RSVP by monday january 18th (to location details will be sent to confirmed attendees! hope to see you all!

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To 2010.

As 2010 starts, we've got nothing but positive thoughts for the year! We're putting the setbacks of 2009 behind us and moving on.

Let's do this!