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Congrats to Leah and Sara!

Leah and Sara are getting hitched later today.

They both wanted to thank the Quantum community for all of the support shown.


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Scheduling Change - Wednesday Mornings.

Hello everyone, We are temporarily dropping the Wednesday morning classes.

The Noon and Evening classes are not changing.

We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thanks for understanding.

This change will take effect July 20th, 2011.

The morning classes for July 13th, 2011 are on.

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Cancelling Wednesday's Classes

Update: We're doing another pass of the cleaning, so tonight's classes are cancelled as well. See you tomorrow!

The clean-up effort is taking a bit more time than expected, so we'll cancel the noon class as well.

For now, the evening classes are still on, but we'll update if anything changes.




CrossFit Quantum Holiday Hours 2010/2011

Happy Holidays All!

We are taking some much needed rest over the holiday season and spending time with loved ones.  And we wish the same for you.  But have no fear, we aren't taking too much time off!  Check out our Holiday Hours.

Christmas Eve (Dec 24) - 6am, 7am, Noon, 5pm

Christmas Day (Dec.25) - CLOSED

Boxing Day (Dec.26) - CLOSED

Dec. 27-Dec.30 - Regular Hours

New Years Eve (Dec.31) -  6am, 7am, Noon, 5pm

New Years Day (Jan.1) - Noon (that's better way to ring in the new year and combat the hangover than sweat!)

Back to regular hours Jan.3, 2011



Looking to Step it Up?

Do you have Specific Athletic Goals You Want to Achieve?

Participating solely in our group CrossFit classes at CF Quantum will take you far – further than any other group training program.

However, it must also be acknowledged that your kindergarten teacher was right - you are a special and unique snowflake. Everyone responds to training differently, has different needs, and different goals. For optimum performance, an individual exercise prescription is absolutely necessary. This allows your coach to control all the training variables and to focus in on your specific weaknesses and needs, for you to achieve the best results possible.

For those who want to take their game to a higher level, seriously consider exploring the merits of an individualized program prescription.

Benefits of CFQ Individualized Program Design:

*thorough movement and mobility assessment *assessment of nutrition profile and guidelines *discussion of current goals and mapping timelines for success *body composition testing *individualized exercise program based on assessment. No one-size fits all template. *online training log shared with coach *training program is reassessed and updated as often as necessary to ensure proper progress *regular re-testing, progress measurement and ongoing assessment *full access to group CrossFit classes for the community participation and fun

Fees: $75/month in addition to regular training dues. Commitment: Initial commitment of 3 months is required.

Don’t buy the T-shirt...just train smarter.



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The Birth of Haute Life

We've got big news.  Actually HUGE, FANTASTIC, TERRIFIC news!

It's a Girl!!!!  The CrossFit Quantum family is growing.  We are honoured and excited to welcome the smart and sassy, Summer Innanen (aka Cosmopolitan Primal Girl) of Haute Life to the CFQ crew.

Without further ado....

Where do I begin?!  2010 has been (and continues to be) a big year....and not just for me. There have been so many notable events.... Lindsey Lohan going to jail, G20 chaos in Toronto and Oprah announcing her farewell season. 2010 will most definitely be an unforgettable year. I also got to see four friends make their dream a reality with Crossfit Quantum, which I'm so thrilled to be a part of with Haute Life. Before we pop the champagne, let me rewind a bit and give you the E! True Hollywood Story behind Haute Life:

I had a mid-life crisis when I hit 30, as I realized that I was less than 10 years into my working life and still had 30 more years of work ahead of me. I knew that my 9-5 desk job was not going to keep me happy for the next 30 years, so I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do. I looked for signs to lead me in the right direction....I watched Oprah religiously looking for guidance. Joking! In all seriousness, I knew I was passionate about Crossfit and particularly the nutrition side of it. I have experienced the physical and mental benefits of quality fitness and nutrition and I want other people to experience this for themselves. And so the story begins.... I started to engross myself in books, blogs and food – I quickly learned that this was the right path for me and I was about to do a 180 with my career.

I dove into it like I do the sale rack at Lululemon. I have attended 5 different seminars in the past year including: the Crossfit Nutrition Seminar with Robb Wolf and recently his updated Paleolithic Solution Seminar, Matt Lalonde's Nutrition Seminar, Whole9's Foundations Workshop and also their Trainer Workshop. Aside from the learning, I was able to really see the results of my love labour with the CFQ Spring Leaning Challenge.  I can't explain the feeling of helping people learn they have the power to achieve their goals and get the results they had previously thought unattainable!  Every Spring Leaner did so amazing and I'd like to think that I had a small part in their successes. Working with everyone through the challenge was so rewarding and motivating.  I knew this was where I was meant to be!

Hosting the various Paleo Nights for CFQ was also awesome as I had the opportunity to rub shoulders with the fine folks at The Healthy Butcher and really delve deep into where quality food comes from. Paleo Nights were a huge success for me because people actually loved my food.  I suppose that sounds egocentric, but if you ask any of my friends they will tell you that I ate horrible food when I was in University and that I did not know how to cook. That is a little piece of information that I did not share with the CFQ crew before they asked me to host. I suppose my chef-gene didn't express itself until I hit my 30's. Recently I had my first experience selling my goodies at an event - that's something that I might continue to dabble in. And the fun is just getting started...In a week, I'll be back in school at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition to get certified as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

I decided to channel my passion for food, nutrition and off-beat humour into the Cosmopolitan Primal Girl blog – that name just kinda popped into my head one night and I rolled with it. I think people can get really thrown off when they hear the words Primal or Paleo or Caveman – they picture hairy-dudes running around grunting and eating insects - I wanted to show that you could follow "Paleo/Primal" principles but still be urban and cool. I love posting recipes and advice – I suppose it’s the narcissistic side of me that enjoys the attention – it is basically the inner monologue in my brain. But I also wanted to help others realize that they don’t have to eat boring food or be unhappy to achieve their goals. Getting linked on Mark's Daily Apple for the first time was HUGE! Since then, he has generously linked me a few times, in addition to being linked on Robb Wolf's and Whole9's blogs. Cosmopolitan Primal Girl became an overnight Paleo sensation. I joke again. But seriously, I did feel like kind of a big deal.

Outside of Spring Leaning, I've coached a few other clients and it was through these experiences that I decided it was time to launch Haute Life. People come to Crossfit (and specifically Crossfit Quantum) for the trainers - the coaching, motivation and fun atmosphere. I want to channel this same approach to helping clients with Nutrition. I realize that many people know what they need to do to achieve their goals, especially when it comes to weight loss. What people are often lacking is the accountability and motivation to stay on track - that's where I come in. I offer so much more than just a meal plan. Yes, I'll tell you exactly what to eat to achieve your specific goals and you'll get an integrative and customized plan to fit into your life. But more importantly, I'm going to keep you motivated by making the process fun and making sure that the word 'diet' does not cross your mind. I'll meet clients on a weekly basis, but I'll also be there when there is a cupcake-emergency and a kick in the ass is required. I'll be giving clients fun challenges to complete to make sure that they're overcoming some of their biggest obstacles, branching out, and being amused in the process.

Why Haute Life? I think this name may confuse some people – particularly men who don’t own any cashmere or wear pointy Keebler-elf shoes – so I want to set the record straight. In short, “Haute” is an expression used to describe high-quality. It derives from the expression Haute Couture which is the fashion that you see on the runways that you’d never wear. It’s extravagant and different. Let me get one thing’s pronounced “hoat”. If you asked a designer, they would tell you that the ‘h’ is supposed to be silent, but I’m going against the grain on that one. I chose the name Haute Life because I believe that everyone should be living a high-quality life – everyone’s definition of a high-quality life will be different, but we can all agree that it should contain health, happiness and longevity. I believe high-quality food, fitness and lifestyle factors are the key to living the Haute Life. I’m here to help people define their own Haute Life and help them achieve it

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Split Jerk Technique Development - Saturday July 10

Join us on Saturday July 10 for a technique workshop on the split jerk. Participants will learn the key movements and positions necessary to execute this lift correctly.

Lifters will leave the seminar with a solid understanding of the split jerk and with drill progressions to practice and improve their technique.

Who Should Attend? This seminar is open to anyone who wants to explore the Olympic lifts in more detail. We strongly recommend taking this course if you want to begin to incorporating jerks into your daily workouts. If you have any shoulder injuries that preclude rapid overhead movement, you probably want to take a pass on this seminar. Get healthy and wait for this to come around again.

Details Cost: This technique session is free to up to date CFQ members and costs $35 for non-members. Scheduling: Saturday July 10 from 11am-12:30

Examples Check out these lifts for a good idea of what the jerk should look like:



Wednesday July 7, 2010 and FIFA FUN!

FIFA excitement is everywhere!  And sadly it's coming near the end, the Finals are this Sunday.  To celebrate we are holding a FIFA BBQ at CFQ on Sunday July 11th, and live-streaming the game on the big screen (aka. wall projector!)

Bring your friends, your favorite BBQ potluck dish, perhaps some cold beverages (adult ones welcome!) and we'll supply the burgers!  It'll be tons of fun!

BBQ starts at 1:30pm...and game starts at 2:30pm.

We encourage team colours, flags, loud horn things, face paint and choreographed cheer routines!

Group Warm-up: Lacrosse Ball rolling 30 Kettlebell Swings 10-15 burpees Arm Swings + Circles Leg Swings Torso Rotations

Movement Prep:

  • Torsion Control 10/side
  • Heel to Butt Test

*If ya fail – Wall Quad Stretch *If ya pass – Ankle Mobility Wall Drill10/side torsion control quad stretch against wall if fail heel to butt test, otherwise ankle mobility

Gymnastic Skills:

A1. Ring Dips 6-8 or Muscle Up Progressions 2-4 A2. Hand stand progressions (kick ups, handstand holds, handstand push-ups)


4 Rounds for Max Reps of:

  • 45 sec max Kettlebell Swings
  • 45sec max Burpees
  • 45sec max Box Jumps
  • Rest 90 secs

After-Party: 3 x Front Plank for 60 sec - rest 30 sec.  If you can't hold for full 60 secs, hold for max time.

Strength Athletics:

Rest/Recovery Day!  Get friendly with your foam roller and lacrosse ball!


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Spring Leaning Winners!

DRUMROLL please!

Congratulations!  You all not only survived 7 weeks of Spring kicked serious paleo butt!

The results are in, the before and afters have been viewed and the results are UNREAL!  The transformations that took place are nothing short of awesome.  And let's get one thing straight...the scale is not an accurate tool to measure your successes! In fact, I suggest you all toss em out the it right now...I'll wait....

It is so easy (and so very wrong) to get frustrated by an unbudging scale.  And now you have scientific proof that those bathroom contraptions are positively useless.  YES USELESS!  They are unable to measure kipping pull ups or dead hangs, huge PR's, or massive amounts of inches lost.  And that exactly what you all accomplished!

The box was full of performance gains and body fat losses.  Evil sugar addictions and bad relationships with unhealthy foods were stomped.  New recipes, foods and flavours were discovered.  Now show me a scale that can measure that!

I say this with the deepest all done us proud!  The results were mind blowing and the pictures jaw dropping. Each and every one of you Spring Leaners won.  And sticking with it will only keep you winning.

As hard as it was, we did have to stick to the rules and pick the top male and female.  And it was no easy task.  The results were super close and it came down to photo finishes.

So without further ado...please congratulate our first CFQ Paleo King and Queen!

For the ladies, Theresa (aka T-Bird) took top spot.  Our lovely 7am'er lost 18lbs and a HUGE 8.5 inches in total!  T-Bird not only smashed the stats, she also hit PR's week after week.  Only a few short months ago T-Bird was barely able to break parallel fighting old injuries and forward to last week when she put down a 95# overhead squat!  Heck ya!  The Crown couldn't go to a more deserving Queen!

Our Paleo King is Mike I!  Yes, the once semi-primal husband of Cosmopolitan girl went fully primal and now reigns as King! Mike is not only new to paleo, he is also new to CrossFit.  A hulking strength fighting huge inflexibility, Mike never missed a morning, and is now regularly seen on the PR board!  Not to mention the dead hang pull ups he mastered a few weeks ago. That's just how this guy rolls!  From a bread lovin' super tight a converse wearin' barbell master!  Yes Mike it's fell to our happy little cult!  The biggest high five to the most deserving King!

Honourable mentions need to be given to the following, as it really was a close finish, and there were some other phenomenal results:

  • Sarah B...our member from afar!  Dropping fat and inches like it was nobodies business...and doing it veggie styles!
  • Our bride-to-be Lisa!  Fighting her nemesis "the squat!" and she is winning the battle!
  • Jodi S...who almost likes running and has seen some HUGE lifts of late!
  • Sam G...who is crowned Prince!  The runner up in the male race.
  • George S...pressing and deading a ridiculous number of plates...and getting shredded at the same time!

Congratulations crew!  High fives to all.

For the rest of you winners...I urge you to take a look at your before and after pics next time you are in as I don't think you can fully appreciate all that you have accomplished until you see it with your own eyes!

So celebrate your victories...but remember Cosmopolitan Primal Girl's warning...don't make it a bender!

And on that note, we cannot end without thanking our fearless primal leader Summer (aka Cosmopolitan Primal Girl).  She set us on the right path and week after week supported us with tips, recipes, articles and advice.  Thank you Summer, we couldn't have done it without you.

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Wednesday June 2, 2010

Well's been 30 days and you all survived!  Yes Spring Leaning's induction period has come to a close!  Now before you sprint (obviously...cuz CrossFitters don't jog!) to the nearest Cupcake boutique and reward yourself with a dozen...remember we ain't at the finish line yet!

The 30 days was the induction!  And with all good inductions we need a sequel!  Time for phase 2 of the Spring Leaning challenge.

To help, some guidance on what's next from our paleo goddess Cosmopolitan Primal Girl!

(Here's a little secret...I fly out to Ireland today and plan to test my tolerance with a few pints!  BUT...I fully intend to keep it paleo in the Emerald Isle!  Slainte!)

Awesome work to date Spring Leaners.  Three more weeks to go...make em count!

If you'd like to see where you are at, we are taking measurements this week.  Just ask, and one of the CFQ crew can measure you up!

Movement Prep: Torsion Control 2 sets of 8-10/side – 2-3 sec holds

Gymnastic Skills: Complete 3-4 Rounds L1:

5 Kip Swings 5 Ring Rows 3 Kick up to Handstands


5 Ring Inverts 5 Kneeling Muscle Ups 3 x 8 sec Handstand Holds


5 Skin the Cats (tempo: 3/2/3/2) 3 Muscle Ups 5 Handstand Push Ups


3 Rounds for Time:

  • 20 Pull-ups
  • 30 Push-ups
  • 40 Squats
  • 400 m Run

*rest exactly 2 mins between rounds


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Some work disasters had me canceling my flight the day before we were to leave for Regionals.  Frustrated and disappointed was where I was at.  My cheer-leading efforts were thwarted by work...and that's just not right!

Elanna, Dyanne and Leah flew out Thursday afternoon, with plans to meet up with their fellow cheerleader, Jennie O in Calgary.  Leah, equipped with her new iPhone was on strict orders to send me updates so we could all follow along in Toronto, and send cheers from afar.

The CFQ crew in Calgary awoke to snow and cold Friday morning...while we complained of heat and humidity back in the city! But the regionals had to go on!

I had fully planned to hold my grudge against my situation all weekend.  Full on pouts and whining.  I had no doubts in my ability to do so...I am a bit of a pout master!

I don't know the exact time...but at some point on Friday afternoon I lost my pout!  Not only lost it, but it turned 180 on me...and I was ecstatic, tense, impatient, over-joyed....every emotion possible!  Following the Regionals from afar, was a whole CrossFit workout in itself...and at it's core as usual was Community.

Facebook and Twitter were alive with CrossFit energy!  Updates pouring in from all over, pictures, videos, well wishes. Strangers e-talking with nothing in common but high hopes for their athlete friends and a love of the CrossFit Community.

This, to me, is what separates CrossFit from “other” fitness and sporting events – the community, the sense of camaraderie. There is no is boo’ing, bad-mouthing, or name-calling.  There are no bad guys.  When one athlete finishes ahead of the pack, spectators move their attention to the remaining, encouraging them them to the end…right to the last finisher.  Cheers don’t diminish, they are equally loud for last place as they were for first place.  Sometimes the under-dog, the “loser,” receives even greater respect from the crowd.  Failures are not recognized, instead efforts are celebrated.

This community, this incredible display of support, may be unique to CrossFit, but it's not unique to just the Sectionals, Regionals or the Games.  It's found everyday, in each and every affiliate around the world.  It is what makes a CrossFit.  It’s not about the number of members, the location, the fanciness of the box…it’s about the people inside and the strong connection they have.

We are like a “team” with a loyalty that cannot be matched.  We come from all different walks of life, different age groups, and athletic backgrounds, and yet find a common ground when we enter the gym doors.  We are fierce competitors, and yet each others strongest supporters.

My intentions of a miserable weekend, turned into an amazing journey with different affiliates from across Canada.  They opened a window into the Regionals that we could all follow from afar.  We were joined by strangers at our times compulsively hitting the refresh button to see how the athletes were doing.  "Liking" status updates and photos...retweeting results and well wishes!  From all of us who e-participated...thank you to the amazing athletes, the dedicated coaches, and the awesome cheerleaders...who kept their iPhones snapping and social networks buzzing!

And to our amazing Elanna.  There are no words that can fully convey how proud we are.  We followed in awe as your ranking sailed up and up and up!  Sunday's dinner was spent hitting the refresh button after that final WOD.  You earned each and every win this weekend through months of hard and dedicated training.  I still can't forgot the line in your email before Sectionals "“shouldn’t I accomplish something before you do a profile?” Well lady, you gone done it!

And a special shout out to your number one supporter Dyanne.  It's takes an equally strong lady to support all the time spent training!

Safe travels home...we can't wait to celebrate in person!

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Saturday May 29, 2010

mud and drizzle couldn't slow elanna down! So Day 1 is done!  And Elanna kicked some serious ass..through mud, drizzle and crazy hills!  She finished 18th of 48 ladies.  High fives!

Today she takes on a whole bunch more!  Here's what the day holds...

8:30 to 10:30am – Individuals Event 2 2 to 5:30pm – Individuals Event 3

Individuals Event 2 3 sets for max weight completed in pounds in 10 min: Snatch Grip DL x 1 Snatch x 1 OHS x 1 Squat Snatch x 1

Individuals Event 3 4 rounds for time of: 35 wall balls (20/14lbs - to 10 foot target) 20 chinups - chin over vertical plane

You can catch updates on our facebook page and twitter.  We're posting as we get them.  Track the standings on the Regionals page too!
Back in sunny Toronto...
Movement Prep:
  • 12 T-Spine Mobility/side
  • 12 Ys
  • Torsion Control Drill 10/side with 2-3 second hold.


NEW Q’s: A1. Shoulder Press 3 x 5 sets across (same weight) - rest 45 secs A2. Pull Ups 5 x 2-4 – rest 2 mins

VETERAN Q’s: A1. Shoulder Press 3RM - rest 45 secs A2. Pull Ups 5 x 2-4 – rest 2 mins


As Many Rounds as Possible in 12 minutes of:

  • 6 Pull-ups
  • 12 Push-ups
  • 18 DB Deadlifts



Thursday May 20, 2010


The gym will be open regular hours on Saturday.

On Monday it's time for FUN!  Please come out and join us for an Outdoor Friends and Family Friendly WOD.  It's gonna be a good'er so don't miss it.  Bring the kids, neighbours, postman...whomever!

Following the workout we will be having a Paleo Potluck BBQ.  Cosmopolitan Primal Girl has generously offered to share her yard for some fantastic eats and fun.  A sign up sheet will be posted at the gym to sign up for whatever dish you'd like to bring.  Here's the has to meet the Spring Leaning criteria!

  • Lean meats, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats are a must...and happily devoured!
  • NO SUGAR!  NONE...NADA...ZILCH!  We're going so far as nixing artificial sweeteners and natural sugars like raw honey and maple syrup.
  • Grains and starches are out (rice, oats, barley, quinoa, pasta, corn (yes, corn is a grain!), and starchy tubers such as potatoes
  • Legumes too are rule breakers – chickpeas, lentils and other beans. No Peanuts (they are a legume).
  • We'll happily take the green bean though!
  • Make it like Mom did - NO processed foods - if it has an ingredient that you can't pronounce or need to look up in a science text - chances are it's too processed.
  • Try to keep the dairy out if ya can!  Try Almond or Coconut milk. We know cheese is a beautiful thang but this is a BBQ challenge kids so step up!

*We have to show some love for our vegetarian Spring Leaners, so rules are allowed to be bent a little for some killer veggie-friendly options.  Except SUGAR...we're holding y'all to that one!

And here's the big hitter.  The Spring Leaners have committed to no alcohol for 30 days (well..they are trying their best anyway!)  So adult beverages are welcome...but beware there are some Spring Leaners out there that may go to drastic means to nab your Corona!

NOW GO...grab that sexy apron and get creative to come up with your best paleo creation!  There are TONS of websites out there with fantastic recipes so get surfing. Rumour has it there will be some Paleo judges and prizes!  Not to mention a little fame for the winners who will get some love on Cosmopolitan Primal Girls blog!


  • Location: Eglinton Park (Yonge/Eglinton) It's best to enter off of orchard view. This takes you into the large outdoor parking lot behind the hockey arena.
  • Time: 11am (workout starts at 11:30am)
  • BBQ to start at 12:30pm (location details will be provided after the workout)

Whew..ok, now the workout for today!

No wait, one more thing...reach out and touch someone today.  High fives may just heal ya!

Movement Prep:

  • 2 x 8 Ankle Mobility Drills
  • 2 x 8 Band Squats


New Q's: Overhead Squat - 3 x 5 reps @ same weight across work sets *Rest 1.5-2 min between warm-up sets and 2-3 mins between work sets.

Veteran Q's: Overhead Squat - work up to 5RM with at least 3 sets above 75% 1RM *Rest 1.5-2 min between warm-up sets and 2-3 mins between work sets.


As Many Rounds as Possible in 12 mins

  • 20 Box Jumps
  • 15 Overhead Walking Lunges
  • 10 Toes to Bar


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It's Time to Start "Spring Leaning!"

The weather is heating up and that means less clothes and more skin!  Time to paleo'ize yourself and get with nutrition for life.

  • Haven't heard of Paleo?
  • Addicted to all things sugary and sweet?
  • Think a meal isn't complete without a side of grains?
  • Tired of feeling tired?
  • Chasing that darn PR?
  • Or just need a gentle nudge to get back on the wagon?

We're here to help!  Well actually Cosmopolitan Primal Girl is here to save us all and get us all on the primal path full of real foods, leaner bods, and badass PR's.

CrossFit Quantum is challenging you to "Spring Lean!"  Take on the 7 week challenge and see how good real foods taste and make you feel.  Just like a CrossFit workout, there is strength in numbers.  We can take it on together.

Come out to CrossFit Quantum for one of the Spring Lean Intro Sessions hosted by the lovely Ms. Primal herself.

Thursday April 29th @ 7pm OR Sunday May 2nd @ 10am

Then Sign Up and take on the Challenge.

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WOD's, Food and Fun!

As most of you know, Elanna has qualified for the CrossFit Regionals in Calgary at the end of May.  We're super excited for her and in an effort to support her, CrossFit Quantum is opening up the gym for a day of fundraising fun!

On Saturday May 1st, bring out your friends and family to take part in a CrossFit kinda BBQ!  The day will be full of workouts, mini competitions, prizes, delish BBQ goodies, and community!  It's a great opportunity to bring out the too...and show them just want you have been up to with all this CrossFit stuff.

The costs is $20 per adult and $15 for kids under 12.  It's like a "play all day" pass for workouts, mini competitions and BBQ.

Wanna bring the whole home crew?  Families can register for $50 per family  (2 adults + 2 kids)

There will be 2 workouts - at 10am and noon - with tons of fun in between.  The BBQ's will be fired up at 1pm for some delicious real food from the local Healthy Butcher.

For those bringing friends and family, we are offering a Foundations Recruitment Bonus to individuals that sign up on Saturday. Discounted Foundations enrollment and a thank you "membership bonus" for you as the recruiter!

Elanna has worked incredibly hard these past few months so please come out and show your support.

You can register with one of the Q'Crew at the gym, or email  Hope to see you all for a day of awesome community fun!



Good Enough

I wrote this a long time ago...but it still holds true.  On Monday, registration for the Element CrossFit Challenge opens.  Each of you should seriously consider taking part on June 26th.  Element Crossfit is a fantastic box with an amazing community, and I don't think there is a better CrossFit event for those that haven't competed before.  New to CrossFit or a Veteran... challenge may just surprise yourself!

“Next Time…”  How many times have you used this “stall” tactic. How many times have you decided you can’t do something before you even try.  How many times have you thought “I’m not good enough.”

Our belief at CrossFit Quantum is ”be better than yesterday” It sums up perfectly, what it’s all about. Constantly improving ourselves.  We don’t settle for “good enough” as the final destination…in CrossFit, there is no final destination.

But that doesn’t mean that on the journey you aren’t “good enough.”

You need to believe you are good enough.  This isn’t the same as “as good as.” Comparisons are useless in the quest to improve oneself.  Only you can answer the question “am I good enough”… and for everyone of us… the answer is yes.  As long as you believe in yourself, you will always be good enough. You don’t have to be a firebreather breaking PR’s everyday, you just have to show up and give it YOUR all. That alone makes you good enough.

This is CrossFit.   We don’t pick and choose who is eligible to join… CrossFit is for anyone and everyone.  Young, or old, a lifelong athlete or a novice, tall or small… we are all CrossFitters.  We have great accomplishments everyday that we don’t need to downplay by comparing to others.  We are our own competition, and others are our motivation.

Next time there is a community challenge or a competition, don’t use excuses and find reasons you can’t take it on.   “Trying” alone, makes you good enough.  You are a member of the most supportive community out there, you won’t be judged, you will be encouraged and congratulated.  Failure is not recognized, only that you believed you could.

You are good enough…

t-dot sio