Canada Day - Closed

5 sets:
30sec shuttles, 30sec rest
30sec burpees, 30sec rest
30sec row, 30sec rest.
Score your reps/cals.

2min handstand hold vs wall
2min row
2min front plank
2min bike
2min support hold on rings (or boxes)
2min row
2min sandbag carry AFAP
2min bike

3 sets:
60sec: wall walks [sub=push-ups]
60sec dumbbell bear crawl
60sec double unders
2mins rest


In teams of 2 with one partner completing a full round before alternating, complete 5 rounds each (20min cut-off):
10 DB Cleans
8/8 DB walking lunges (16 total, front rack)
12 shuttle runs.


Workout 1
A. [warm-up], 2x alternating exercises, rest 30sec between exercises:
-Back Squat 6 reps with 3sec lowering phase + 3sec raising phase
-Super plank: 25sec
-Mini-band walks forward + back for 40sec
B. [work sets]:
Paused Above Parallel Back Squats [3sec pause]. 4x4, rest 90sec
C. Group Metcon

Workout 2
A. 4 sets, alternating. rest 45sec between exercises:
-Filly Press 8-12/side
-Pull-ups with 3sec pause at top, 4-6reps
B. 2-3 (depending on time) sets, no rest:
40m single arm farmer's walk LEFT
30sec side plank on RIGHT [single leg if possible]
40m single arm farmer's walk RIGHT
30sec side plank on LEFT [single leg if possible]

Workout 3
A. 3 sets:
Minute 1: Skater Squat RIGHT 8-12reps
Minute 2: Skater Squat LEFT 8/12reps
B. 3-4 sets (time dependant):
-GHD Hip Extensions with 3sec pause @ top x10-12
-40-60sec Tall Kneeling Palloff Presses per side.
C. Group Metcon

Workout 4
A. 4 sets:
Dumbbell Bench Press 6-8reps, rest 45sec
Horizontal Cable Row 6-10reps, rest 45sec
B. 3 sets, rest 30sec between sides: Single Arm Bent-over Row 6-8/side with 2sec pause at top
C. Group Metcon


Workout 1
A. Front or Back Squat 3,3,2,2 (add weight each set to a top weight)
B. 3 sets, alternating:
- Single Leg RDL 6-8/leg
- Single Arm DB row 6-8/arm
C. Group Metcon

Workout 2
A. Barbell Z Press 5,5,4,3
B. 2-3 sets, alternating:
- Seated DB Press 6-8 reps
- Ring Support Hold 20-30sec
- DB Batwing rows 6-8 reps
C. Group Metcon

Workout 3
A. Deadlift 3,3,2,2 (add weight each set to a top weight)
B. 2-3 sets, alternating:
- GHD Hip Extension 8-10 reps
- Double KB Front Rack Carry 40m (heavy)
C. Group Metcon

Workout 4
A. 3 sets, alternating:
- Alternating Incline DB Press (top down) 4-6/arm
- Ring Pushups 6-8
- Pull-ups (weighted or fat grip) 4-6
B. 2 sets, alternating:
- Ring Row 6-10
- Weighted Plank 45-60sec
C. Group Metcon



A. Weightlifting Class with Mylene

B. Barbell Push Press with 3-sec lowering phase, 4x6

C. Alternating Tabata Rounds for 8 mins:
toe to bar
wall ball 1ft higher than normal target


A. 4 sets:
Min 1: 30sec Muscle-ups or Chest to Bar PU
Min 3: 30sec AMRAP Thrusters @ 5RM

--rest 7min--

B. 18.1
8 toes-to-bars
10 dumbbell hang clean and jerks
14-cal. row

-Row 750m
-Waiter Walk 60-100m
-1-arm side plank on rings ALAP/side

A. Tempo Back Squats [4sec lowering phase] 4x4-6
B. Split Stance Deadlift 3x10/side, rest 30-45sec bewteen sides
C. Sandbag 1x150-200m
D. Group Metcon

A. Shoulder Prep: 3x
-half kneeling bottoms-up KB Press x 10-15/side
-back flys with band to failure with 3sec pause at back

B. Bar Muscle-ups Practice.
-Option 1: (if have multiple reps) AMRAP in 5min
-Option 2: (if you can't do them but are close) 4x1-2 with band
-Option 3: Kipping Chest to Bar PU. 3xAMRAP, rest 60sec

C. 4 sets:
Bench Press 2-3reps
Fat Grip Pull-ups x 2-4reps (weighted if able)

D. Barbell Complex
5 sets, rest 2min between sets.
5 power clean + 5 push press
*goal is to maintain good, smooth technique under load and fatigue. Within that, increase loading as able. Power clean reps should be tough and go OR singles with a fast re-set. Push press should be unbroken.

E. Row 5k


A. 2-3 sets: Split Squats 6-8/leg + 12 KB Swing
B. Squat 84%x2, 76%x3x6
C. CG Bench (half handwidth closer) 70%x3x8

A. 2 sets:
6-8 Half Kneeling Press (bottom up KB if able)
12 Lateral Band Walk/side
20sec Star Side Plank/side
B. Bench Press 84%x2, 76%x3x6
C. 3 sets, alternating:
- Incline DB Press 8-10
- Weighted or Ring Push Ups 8-10
- Single Arm DB Row 6-8/arm

A. 2-3 sets: Single leg RDL 6-8/leg + Lateral Band Walks 12/side
B. Deadlift 84%x2, 76%x3x6
C. 2ct Pause Squat 65%x3x6

A. 2ct Pause Bench 75%x3x5
B. RDL 3x8 (3-4 reps in the tank)
C. 3 sets, alternating:
- 8 barbell curls (3-5ct lowering)
- 10-12 tricep pushdowns
D. 3 sets, alternating:
- Max Tempo Ring Rows
- Ring Planks 30-45sec


A. 2-3 sets: Split Squats 6-8/leg + 12 KB Swing
B. Squat 84%x2, 76%x2x6
C. Bench Press 84%x2, 76%x2-3x6

A. Deadlift 84%x2, 76%x2x6
B. CG Bench (half handwidth closer) 70%x2-3x8
C. Single Arm DB Row 3x6-8/arm

A. 2ct Pause Bench 75%x3x5
B. 2ct Pause Squat 65%x3x6
C. 3 sets, alternating:
- Max Tempo Ring Rows
- Ring Planks 30-45sec


Workout 1
A. Snatch 3@65%, 2@70%, 2@75%, 2x2@80%
B. Front Squat. 3x4-6, do a bit more than last week.
C. Paused Front Squat 2x4 with 3sec pause More weight than last week

Workout 2
A. Jerk from rack. 5x3@80%
B. Push Press 3x4-6 with 3sec pause at top
C. Group Metcon

Workout 3
A. Snatch from Block with 60sec rest. 4x2@70%, 4x1@75%, 3x1@80%
B. Clean from block Build to a tough set of 4, then 2x3 @ 90-95%.
C. Tempo Back Squat [50x2] lowering phase 3x4-6
D. Clean Pulls 3x4

Workout 4
A. 5reps.Paused OH Squat (pause at top and bottom). Build to a max, then 2x5 @ 85-90% of that.
B. 3 sets: 8-12 bent-over DB rows + 10-15 back flys +kneeling trap-3raise 10-15reps
C. Group Metcon