3min AMRAP: double unders
1min rest
3min AMRAP: row
1 min rest
3min AMRAP: burpees

For time:
-40 wall ball
-20 box jumps (step down)
-30 wall ball
-15 box jumps (step down)
-20 wall ball
-10 box jumps (step down)

4 sets:
60sec KB swings
60sec hollow body hold
60sec ---
60sec rest

15mins for quality: 4-6 l-pull-ups + 4-6 strict HSPU + 6 tire flips + 10-15 sandbag squats


team workout: 7 rounds each (20min cut-off) , alternating.
-Run with plate overhead 50m
-run with plate in stomach 50m
-squat with plate 15 reps.

Each partner completes 1 full round before swapping, relay style. Either hand-off your plate to your partner or tag them to allow them to start the next round.



Workout 1
A1. Chin-up Training:
4 sets:
Tempo Chin-ups (5sec lowering phase) x 2-4 reps
--rest 60-75sec between A1 and A2

A2. Barbell Bench Press
--rest 60-75sec between A2 and A1

B. Group Metcon

Workout 2
A. Deadlift. 2x6reps. Rest 90sec
B. Barbell Hip Thust. 3x10-15reps. Rest 60sec
C. Sandbag Carry 1set of 100-200m
D. Group Metcon

Workout 3
A. 4-5 sets:
Minute 1: Lat Pull Down (with 2sec pause at chest) 8-10reps
Minute 2: Push-ups 5-10 (weighted if able)
Minute 3: Side Plank, LEFT arm down (single leg if able) 30-40sec
Minute 4: Side Plank, RIGHT arm down (single leg if able) 30-40sec

Workout 4
A. Bulgarian Split Squats 3x6 per side. rest 45sec between sides.
B. Single Leg RDL 3x10/side. rest 30sec between sides.
C. (*It time) Plank Pull Throughs with Kettlebell 2x30-60sec. rest 60sec
D. Group Metcon



 Workout 1
A. 2 sets: 10 light sandbag squat + 10 KB RDL + 10 single leg RDL
B. Front Squat: build to a top set of 5 (leave 2-3 reps in the tank) then 3x5@90-95% of that weight
C. Group Metcon

Workout 2
A. 3 sets: 10-12 bottom up KB press + 10-20 push ups
B. Push Press 3x3 ramping
C. (if time) 2-3 sets: single arm KB press 8-10 + 5-8 pull ups
D. Group Metcon

Workout 3
A. Sandbag Carry 3x40-80m (heavy)
B. Snatch Grip RDL 3x8
C. Group Metcon

Workout 4
A. 4 sets: 8 Deficit Split Squat + 8 single leg RDL
B. 3 sets: 8-10 DB Push Press + 8-10 Barbell Row
C. Group Metcon



A. UP Warm-UP
2-3 sets to fatigue: Back Flys + scarecrows/external rotations with elbows at shoulder level + miniband overhead press (use light band)
B. Push Press with 3sec lowering phase. find 3RM
C. L-Sit Pull-ups 1xAMRAP
D1. Strict HSPU (from decifit if able/harded variation possible) 2xAMRAP , rest 60sec
D2. Rope Climbs (arms only if able) 2xAMRAP, rest 60-90sec
E. Group Metcon

A. Weightlifting Class with Mylene
B. Deadlift 1x6 at last week's top weight
C. Sandbag Carry. 1xAs far as possible 100m+
D. Hollow Body Hold with i) straight arm lat pull downs (with band) AND ii) hold a med ball between thighs: 3xALAP


A. 3 sets: Every 6mins (alternate between part 1 and 2)
Part 1: run 200m + 8 thrusters + 6-10 pull-ups + 8 power cleans + 10 bar facing burpees
Part 2: Bike 18/10cals + 5-8 HSPU + 50 double unders + 5-8 HSPU + Bike 18/10cals

REST or Recovery:
10mins row at 50% pace.
10min bike @ 50% pace.

A. Front Squat. 5RM
B. Bench Press 5RM

A. Ring Muscle-ups. 8x1-3 EMOM (use bands if needed)
B. Fat Grip Pull-ups 4x2-3 (weighted if able), rest 75-90s
C. Heavy Thrusters. 2x3, rest 90sec
D. 5 rounds for time:
30 wall ball + 400m run
*work out a strategy to break up the wall ball. Track pace for each round.



A. 3 sets: 8-10 Sandbag Squats + 8-10 KB RDL
B. Back Squat 72.5%x3x8
C. DB Bench 4x10

A. 2ct Pause Bench 72.5%x3x8
B. Front Squat 3x10 (leaving 2-3 reps in the tank)
C. Barbell Row 3x10
D. 3 sets, alternating: 10 curls + 10 skullcrushers

A. (heavy) Farmer's Carry 2x40m
B. Deadlift 72.5%x3x7
C. Goblet Walking Lunge 3x10

A. Feet Up Bench 72.5%x4x5
B. 3 sets: 8-10 chin ups + AMRAP weighted pushups (aiming for 15-25)
C. 3 sets: 20 heavy KB swing + 10 single leg RDL
D. 2 sets: 15 cable back flies + 15 Pallof Press



A. Back Squat 72.5%x3x8
B. 2ct Pause Bench 72.5%x3x8
C. KB Swing 6min EMOM 10 reps

A. Deadlift 72.5%x3x7
B. DB Bench 3x10
C. (heavy) Farmer's Carry 2x40m
D. 2 sets, alternating: 10 curls + 10 skullcrushers

A. Feet Up Bench 72.5%x3x5
B. 3 sets: 8-10 chin ups + AMRAP weighted pushups (aiming for 15-25)
C. 3 sets: 20 heavy KB swing + 10 single leg RDL



Workout 1
A. Snatch from blocks 3x5
B. Back Squat 1@90%, then Paused Back Squat 3x5 tough sets.
C. 4 sets alternating exercises: 8 RDL + DB Press 8-12reps

Workout 2
A. Power Clean + 5 Jerk. 4 sets at or above 75%
B. Group Metcon

Workout 3
A. High hang snatch + hang snatch from mid thigh + full snatch (no resting/putting the bar down between sets). 4 sets @ 75% plus.
B. Clean from Block 3x4
C. Back Squat 3x4-6, all three should be tough sets.
D. 3 sets, alternating: Glute ham raise 6reps + band around knee side steps 15/direction + 20 no money drill

Workout 4
A. Tallk Jerk, sets of 5, build as heavy as possible with correct form & timing
B. Jerk 5x3. Start @ 80% and go from there. Rest as needed
C. 3 sets: alternating: Barbell (back squat stylee) Walking Lunges 5/side + handstand hold against wall 45-60sec. rest as needed.
D. Group Metcon