12mins AMRAP, climbing the ladder. 3 KB Swing + 3 wall ball + 15 double unders. Continue with 4 KBS + 4 Wall Ball + 15 DU. Skipping stays the same. KBS and WB increase by one each time.

A. In 3minutes: 500/400m row OR 30/18cals assault bike + AMRAP burpees in remaining time. Rest 2mins. 4 sets. Your score is the total # of burpees completed.

4 sets for reps: 60sec shuttles, 30sec rest, 60sec double unders, 30sec rest, 60sec DB knee to overhead (hang power clean + push press), rest 30sec

A. 3 sets (rest 2-3mins): max distance sandbag carry. Go heavy & as long as possible!
B. 8mins for quality: 6 reps slam ball tos over the chin-ups bar (throw/toss any style)+ 6 toe to bar with slow lowering phase + 6/6 walking lunges with slam ball


7min amrap: 7 box jumps (step down) + 7 Wall ball



Workout 1
A. Back Squat:
-Warm-ups: 2x6, rest 60sec.
-Work Sets: 3x6-8reps, rest 2min
B. (if time): deadbug exercise with hollowbody hold (legs only, slow tempo).2xmax reps. rest 90sec.
C. Group Metcon

Workout 2
A. Bench Press, Build to a 5RM. Rest 1.5-2mins between sets.
B. Bodyweight Row (rings or bar). 3xmax reps with 1sec pause at top, rest 60sec between sets.
C. Group Metcon

Workout 3
A. 4 sets, alternating exercises:
*try to increase the load from last week
Minute 1: Right leg reverse lunge 10reps
Minute 2: Left leg Reverse Lunge t Squat 6-8 with 4sec lowering phase
Minute 3: 60sec Mini-band Walk. (5m backward, 5m forward)
Minute 4: Weighted Cossack Squat (goblet Style), altnernating legs. 8/side
Minute 5: Rest

B. Group Metcon

Workout 4
A. 4-5 sets EMOM:
Min 1: Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press 8-12reps (controlled tempo)
Min 2: Lat Pull Down 8-12 reps (1sec pause at chest)
Min 3: Strict Toe to Bar (or knee to chest) 6-10reps, with controlled lower ing phase
Min 4: Rest.
B. Group Metcon




Workout 1
A. Back Squat 75/80/85%x1, 90%xAMRAP
B. Walking Lunges 2x8/8
C. Group Metcon

Workout 2
A. Push Press 98%x1, 92%x2x2
B. 3 sets, alternating: 5 single arm DB row + 4-8 sandbag or slam ball press
C. Group Metcon

Workout 3
A. Single leg or split stance deadlift w/ barbell 2x18-20
B. Deadlift 98%x1, 90-92%x2x2
C. Group Metcon
D. (if time) 80 tough reps KB swing

Workout 4
A. Bench Press 75/80/85%x1, 90%xAMRAP
B. Weighted Chin Ups 10x1 every 45sec
C. Group Metcon



AMRAP Ring Muscule-Ups in 8mins.
--rest 5mins--
B. AMRAP HSPU in 8mins.
C. Group Metcon
D. 20 strict toe to bar in as few sets as possible.

Weightlifting Class with Mylene
B. Deadlift 2x15-20 @ 50%. Rest as needed

A. In 10mins. build to a 3RM Thruster

B. 17.5 (12min time cap)
10 rounds for time:
9 Thrusters (95/65)
35 double unders

C. 3 sets (12min time cap): Row 30/20 cals + 15 OH Squat (95/65)

A. Gymnastic skill work:
12mins every 60sec.
Segment 1: 4-5 wall walks, controlled tempo
Segment 2: tucked front lever hold 10-2-sec
B. Aerobic Session at 65% pace. 3xBike 5min. Row 5min
C. 2sets:
10-15 band back flys + 10-15 band external roations/side + 20-30sec L-Sit Hold

A. Clean. Work to a 3x4-6 Rest 2-3mins
B. Front Squat 6,4,2,6,
*hard sets with 1-2 reps in the tank
D. 2 sets: Weighted GHD Hip Extensions. 12reps with 4sec pause at top
E. 2 sets: 60sec of deadbug exercise maintaining hollow body, controlled tempo

A. 5 sets, rest 2.5min between sets:
-Bike 15/10cals
-7 deficit HSPU
-7 chest to bar pull-ups
-6-10 push press (adjust weight each set as necessary... start at 45% 1RM)
B. Group Metcon
C. 20 strict toe to bar. Rest as needed



Workout 1
A. Snatch technique work: high hang + mid hand + from floor. 7 sets @ 60%.
B. Back Squat 3x4-6 @ 75%
C. Above paralell pased squat 3x5 [3sec pause]

Workout 2
A. 3 sets: barbell walking lunges (back squat style) 6/side + Side Step-up 15/side + single leg RDL 12 reps. rest as needed
B. Tempo Bench Press [4sec lowering phase] 3x4-6
C. Group Metcon

Workout 3
A. 3 sets: 3 Snatch from block + 3 OH Squat
B. 4 sets: 2 clean + 2 front Squat + 2 jerk
C. 5 sets: 1 paused squat [3sec] + 1-2 Back Squat
D. 3 sets: max l-sit + paralette swing throughs 5-10 + back flys 10-20 + 1/2 kneeling trap-3 raise 10-20 reps + band external rotations 10-20/side

Workout 4
A. 4 sets: Landmine Press 6-10reps + Max Chin-ups [4sec lowering phase]
B. 3 sets: DB shoulder Press 8-12 + max ring rows
C. Group Metcon



A. Deadlift 5x3@70%, 3x2@80%
B. 3ct Paused Squat 3x8@68%
C. 1 Arm DB Row 4x6
D. Pullups 3xAMRAP

A. Bench Press 5x3@75%, 2x2@85%
B. Pause 1" above the chest Bench 3x6@80%
C. Yates Row 3x12
D. 3 sets each: 12 hammer curls + 12 tricep pushdowns + 12 DB Front Raises

A. Back Squat 5x3@75%, 2x2@85%
B. Pause Deadlift (pause 1" off ground) 2x8@55-60%
C. 3 sets, alternating: 12 GHR + 12-15 Lat Pulldowns

A. CG Bench 71%x3x8
B. DB Floor Press w/ Pause Top & Bottom 3x12
C. 3 sets, alternating: 12 Lateral Raises + 12 Cable Back Flies + 12 Pec Flies
D. Ab Wheel 30 total reps



A. Back Squat 4x3@75%, 1x2@85%
B. Bench Press 4x3@75%, 1x2@85%
C. 2 sets, alternating: 12 Lateral Raises + 12 Cable Back Flies + 12 Pec Flies

A. Deadlift 4x3@70%, 2x2@80%
B. 3ct Paused Squat 2x8@68%
C. 1 Arm DB Row 3x6
D. 2 sets each: 12 hammer curls + 12 tricep pushdowns + 12 DB Front Raises

A. CG Bench 71%x2x8
B. Pause Deadlift (pause 1" off ground) 2x8@55-60%
C. DB Floor Press w/ Pause Top & Bottom 3x12
D. 2 sets, alternating: 12 GHR + 12-15 Lat Pulldowns