15min AMRAP: in teams of 2, altnernate rounds: 15 wall ball + 250m row.

7min amrap: 10 box jumps + 10 ball slams

4 sets: 40sec: bike, 20sec rest, 40sec battling ropes, 20sec rest, 40sec toe to bar, 1:20sec rest. Track bike cals + toe to bar reps.

10-12mins to build up to some heavy ass farmers walks of 2 gym lengths! Aim for 3 tough sets. Rest as needed. Then: In teams of 3, accumulate as many cals on the bike as possible in 4mins.


Sleds! Warm-ups as needed, then 5 tough sets of 20m.



Workout 1
A. Perform 3 warm-up sets of the back squat, doing sets of 5.
B. 3 sets: alternating between 4 tough back squats, rest 20sec, 8-12 sandbag squats, rest 2min.
C. Group Metcon

Workout 2
A.Chin-ups. 6min AMRAP. Do as many sets of 2 @ about 80% of your max as possible (if using bands, use a band that allows you to do 6-7 reps when fresh). B. Shoulder Press. 8min AMRAP. As many sets of 3 @ 80% as possible. C. Group Metcon D. (if time...) 2 sets: back back flys 10-15 reps, no rest, 10 snow angles, no rest, 10 'A's, rest 45sec.

Workout 3
A. 3 warm-up sets of sumo-deadlift, sets of 5.
B. 3 sets alternating: 5reps sumo deadlift, rest 20sec, 10-15 reps of GHD Hip Extension, rest 2mins.
C. Group Metcon

Workout 4
A. 5 sets, alternating: 8-12 landmine presses, rest 45sec, 6-10 cable lat pull down, rest 45sec.
B. Pallof Press Hold 45-60sec per side. 2-3 sets per side, depending on time. No rest between sides.
C. Group Metcon



Workout 1
A. Trap Bar (or straight bar) Deadlift 80%x5x2
B. 3 sets, alternating: max strict chin ups + 10 single arm DB row/side
C. Group Metcon

Workout 2
A. single arm KB bottom up press 3x5/side
B. Press 70%x3x10
C. Group Metcon
D. (time permitting) Cable "W"s 2x12-15

Workout 3
A. Front Squat 65%x8x3 (focus on control down, speed up)
B. Single leg RDL 2-3x10-12 (weight in opposite hand)
C. Group Metcon

Workout 4
A. 3 sets, alteranting: 10-12 push ups (parallets or rings if able) + 6-10 sandbag or slam ball ohp
B. DB Z Press 3x10-12
C. Group Metcon
D. (optional) Heavy KB swing 2x25



A. AMRAP strict muscle-ups in 3mins (technique practice) - or sub MU negatives or hip to bar kip swings.
B1. Weighted Chin-up 6x2-4, rest 60-90sec
B2. Strict HSPU 6x2-4 (hardest variation as possible to land within this rep range), rest 60-90sec
C. Group Metcon
D. 2xmax reps: strict toe to bar with candle stick press.
E. Horizontal cable row 3x10-15reps

Weightlifting Class with Mylene

Wednesday - Competition Class
A. As warm-up/practice: 6x4 power snatch EMOM.
B. 6 sets (36min cut-off): 4 power snatch + 8 OH Squat + 12 over-bar-burpees + Row 600m/Bike 30cal. Rest 2mins.

A. Gymnastic skill work: 3 sets: 45sec of back-to-wall shoulder touches (if need to make easier: face wall), 60sec rest. Then 3 sets: AMRAP skin the cat, rest 60sec Then: 3 sets of: max single arm hang from bar. B. Aerobic Session.. 50-60min at 65% pace. 1500m row + 40-80m overhead waiters walk with 2 dumbbells + 800m run + 60sec front plank on rings + bike 50cals

A. Back Squat: Warm-ups, then 4x3, 1x4+@85%, rest 2-3mins.
B. Anderson Squats (with yolk) warm-ups as needed, then 4x4-6 heavy sets. (start a 2-4 inches above parallel).
D. single arm farmers walk. 3x50m per side. as heavy as possible.

A. Push Press 4x5, rest 90-120sec.
B1. DB Bench Press 8-12, rest 60sec
B2. Cable Lat Pull Down 10-15, rest 60sec
C. Group Metcon
D. Sand Bag Carry. 1x50-70m as heavy as possible. 1x100-200m, as heavy as possible.




A. Squat 5x5@75­‐80%
A. Bench Press 5x5@75­‐80%
C. DB Row 4x10

A. Short Pause Front Squat 5x6@65-70%
B. Tempo (3cnt lowering) CG Bench 5x5@67.5-75%,
C. 6min EMOM of Seated Side-Delt Raises & Barbell Bicep Curls: 5 reps of each done in a superset fashion
D. 3 sets each: 10-12 lat pulldowns, 10-12 tricep pushdowns

A. Deadlift 5x5@72.5-77.5%
B. RDL 3x8@60%
C. 8 Super Sets of: 4 Barbell Rows + 8 heavy KB Swings, rest 30sec

A. Overhead Press 5x5@80-82.5%
B. DB Bench 4x10
C. 3 sets, alternating: 10 DB curls + 10 tricep pushdowns + 10 pec flies
D. 7min EMOM of Pull-ups & Ab-wheel: 5 reps of each done in a superset fashion



Workout 1
A. Snatch from blocks, build to a tough single then drop 10-15% for 3x2
B. Drop Snatch, build to a tough single (should be more than your best snatch)
C. Back Squat 10@50%, 6@65%, 4@75%, 2@80%, 1@85%, 1@90%, then max reps at 80%

Workout 2
A. Clean from blocks 3x3 @ 75-80%
B. Jerk from rack: 6x2 @75% ever7 60-90sec for technique
C. Group Metcon

Workout 3
A. Snatch 5x2@80%. No misses
B. Clean & Jerk 4x2 @ 80-85%
C. Front Squat, buld to a tough set of 4

Workout 4
A. Push Press 4x4
B. 3 sets: shoulder press 6-8reps + GHD Hip Extension 10reps with 3sec pause at top
C. Group Metcon