4 rounds for time: 12 toe to bar + 24 wall ball + 48 double unders

EMOM for 20mins: odd mins: 30sec row sprint. even mins: 30sec amrap DB thrusters (55/35).

12min amrap: 10 push-ups + 12 walking lunges (suitcase style, 6/side) + 200m run.

16mins for quality: 4 L-pull-ups + 5 HSPU + 6 tire flips + 10-15 sandbag squats


Sleds! A. 10x10m fast sprints. B. 2x50m sprints. resting as needed



Workout 1
A. Back Squat, build to a tough set of 3 B. Paused (3sec) Above Paralell Squat 3x2-3 @ 90% of today's top weight C. Group Metcon

Workout 2
A. bench press, build to a 1RM. B. 2-3 sets alternating: dumbbell bench press [3sec lowering phase] 6-10 reps + max ring rows C. Group Metcon

Workout 3
A. 3-4 sets, rest 30-45sec between exercises: Weighted Cossack Squats (2sec pause in bottom position) 10/side + Landmine Row 10/side + cable external rotations (elbow at side) 10-15reps with controlled tempo B. Group Metcon

Workout 4
A. 3-4 sets, rest 30-45sec between exercises: Ring Support Hold 20-40sec + Tempo Push-ups on Paralettes + Chin-ups 4-8reps + ab wheel AMRAP. B. Group Metcon



Workout 1
A. Tempo RIng Rows 2x10-12 (1sec hold @ top)
B. Bench Press: warmup then 90%x1, 95%x1, 97.5%x1, if feeling good go for 1RM if not 85%xAMRAP
C. DB Bench Press 2-3x8
D. Group Metcon

Workouts 2
A. Deadlift: build to a 1RM
R. RDL 2-3x8
C. Group Metcon
D. Monster Walks 2-3x25 steps forward and backwards

Workout 3
A. OH Band Pull aparts 2x15-20
B. Press: warmup then 90%x1, 95%x1, 97.5%x1, if feeling good go for 1RM if not 85%xAMRAP
D. Meadow's Row 3x6-8
D. Group Metcon

Workout 4
A. Squat: warmup then 90%x1, 95%x1, 97.5%x1, if feeling good go for 1RM if not 85%xAMRAP
B. Walking Lunge (goblet, sandbag or barbell) 3x6/6
C. Group Metcon
D. (optional) Bulgarian SS 2x20/20

Workout 5
A. Cable "Y" press 2x15
B. HSPU, 3-5 tough reps EMOM for 8mins
C. Sandbag Carries: 2 sets as far as possible
D. Group Metcon



Workout 1
A. 10min EMOM: 1-2 muscle-ups with as slow as concentric phase as possible. B1. Shoulder Press 4x4-6 with 2sec pause at top, rest as needed, B2. Chest to bar chin-ups with pause (weighted if possible) 3x4-6 with 2sec pause at top. C. Group MetconD. (if time) cable external rotations with slow tempo 2-3 sets of 10-15.

Workout 2
A. Power Snatch 4@50%, 3@60%, 2x3@70%,2x2@75% rest 90sec. B. Back Squat 5x4-6. Start at 75%. C. Group Metcon.

Workout 3
A. 5-6 sets: Bench Press 2-4 reps @ 85% + fat grip chin-ups 4-8reps. B. Group Metcon C. Landmine Row 4x10-15/side with 1sec pause at top. D. 45-60sec of L-Sit on rings.

Workout 4
A. 5 sets every 90sec: 2 Hang Clean and 1 Jerk @ 70% (technique practice) B. OH Squat with 2sec pause in bottom. 3x4. C. 2 sets: Bulgarian Split Squat with 3sec lowering phase 10/10. D. Heavy Farmers Walk 3x2 gym lengths. (do a couple warm-ups, and then 3 hard sets) E. 2 sets of sandbag carries for as long as possible.




A. Pause Goblet Squat 2x10 (3sec pause)
B. Squat 85%x4x4
C. Pause Squat (2cnt pause in the bottom) 75%x2x4

A. Bench Press 85%x4x4
B. Incline DB Bench 4xAMRAP (8-10 rep target)
C. Pull-ups 4xAMRAP (8-10 rep target)
OR Group Metcon

A. Deadlift 80%x3, 85%x3, 87.5%xAMRAP (stop when technique starts to break down)
B. Squat 77.5-82.5%x3x5
C. Goodmorning OR RDL 3x10
D. Ab Wheel 3x15

A. Close Grip Bench Press 77.5%x5x5
B. DB Shoulder Press 4xAMRAP (8-10 rep target)
C. 3 sets, alternating: 12 front raises + 12 DB skullcrushers
OR Group Metcon



Workout 1
A. Snatch, 3 singles @ 90-95%
B. Back Squat. 1xmax reps @ 90%
C. Snatch Pull 3x3@115%

Workout 2
A. Clean from block. 6x1@80-85% EMOM
B. OH Squat 3x3 with 3sec pause at bottom
C. Group Metcon

Workout 3
A. Snatch technique work. 6x1 EMOM @ 80-85%
B. Clean and Jerk build to 2x1@90-95%
C. Front Squat. 3x5 @ 80%. Max reps on the final set. every 1.5-2mins

Workout 4
A. Tall Jerk Drill 3x3
B. Jerk. 4x2 @ 85-90%
C. RDL 3x10
D. Group Metcon