*Monday Long Weekend Holiday Hours: 10:00-11:30am



Open gym from 10:00-11:30am

In teams of two, complete AMRAP in 15mins: row 250m + 15 KB Swings

4 sets: 3mins AMRAP: 5 push-ups + 5 ball slams + 5 goblet squat with ball. rest 1min between sets.

7mins AMRAP: 5 stict pull-ups + 20 (10/10) plank shoulder touches + 20 steps (10/10) step-ups with DBs (suitcase style)
rest 2min
7mins AMRAP: 5 HSPU + 5 toe to bar (strict with controlled lowering phase) + 3 gym lenths each side single arm farmers carry.


3 rounds for time: 9 heavy thrusters (135/95) + 15 pull-ups + 200m run.



Workout 1
A. Paused (3sec) Back Squat. 3 warm-ups sets of 8.
B. Paused Back Squat. 4x5, rest 90-120sec. On final set. go for as many quality reps as possible.
C. Single Leg RDL 2-3 sets (time dependant) x10/side.
D. Group Metcon

Workout 2
A. 5 sets, altnernating exercises: chin-ups lock-off at top (i.e. hold the top of your chin-up) 25sec-60sec, rest 45-60sec, DB Bench Press 6-10reps, rest 45-60s B. (if time) 2 sets: side laying dumbbell external rotations 10-20reps. C. Group Metcon

Workout 3
A. 5 sets EMOM:
Min 1: 7 RDL with 3sec lowering phase
Min 2: 8 side step-downs with 2sec lowering phase RIGHT leg.
Min 3: 8 side step-downs with 2sec lowering phase LEFT leg.

Workout 4
A. 5 sets, as many reps as possible, push-ups. If you can do more than 10, do weighted push-ups. Focus on centered shoulder position + tight body. Rest 60sec.
B. 5 stes: 6-10 reps with 1sec pause at the back, cable rows (use lower position so it's a horizontal pull). rest 60sec.
C. L-Sit hold on paralettes. Accumulate as much time in the hold as possible in 3mins (if too hard, sub hollow body hold)
D. Group Metcon



Workout 1
A. Front Squat 75-80%x3x6-8
B. Single leg RDL 2-3x12-15 (weight in opposite hand)
C. Group Metcon

Workout 2
A. single arm KB bottom up press 3x8-10/side
B. Press 85%x3x2
C. Group Metcon
D. (time permitting) Trap 3 Raise 2x10-12

Workout 3
A. Trap Bar (or straight bar) Deadlift 70%x6x2
3-4 sets, rest 45-60sec: 10-12 lat pulldowns + 5 reps of barbell row
C. Group Metcon

Workout 4
A. 3 sets: DB Bench 18-25 reps, followed by pec flies 12-15 reps. Straight into a sandbag carry to failure (shoot for 100-150m), rest as needed
B. DB Z Press 3x6
C. Group Metcon
D. (optional) Heavy KB swing 3x12



A. Weighted Muscle-ups. AMRAP sets of 1 in 6mins.
OR, if you don't have MU yet, then: 6x2 kipping chest to bar pull-ups (aim to get as high as possible each time... i.e. touch bar below nipples)
B1. strict Weighted Chin-up with 2sec pause at top 10x2, rest 30sec
B2. strict Dips with 2sec pause at bottom 10x3-6, rest 90sec
C. Group Metcon
D. 3xmax reps: strict toe to bar
E. If you have MU - 3x10-15 horizontal cable row with 2sec pause at back. If NO MU, then 3x6-8 MU transition with cable lat pull down. rest as needed

Weightlifting Class with Mylene

[if missed Monday, complete part B from Monday following weightlifting workout]

competition class:

competition class:

8mins AMRAP.
-3 M.U.
-6 cleans @ 70%
-15-20cals row

Rest 4mins.

8mins AMRAP:
-8 shoulder to over head (55-60% best push press)
-10 front squat
-bike 15/10cals

Rest 4mins

8min amrap:
-15 wall ball
-15 KB swings to overhead
-30 double unders

A. Gymnastic skill work:
12mins EMOM: min 1: 30sec handstand hold (single arm if possible 15sce/15sec, or else shoulder touches)
Min 2: single leg RDL 10 reps left
Min 3: single leg RDL 10 reps right
Min 4: skin the cat x 30sec
B. Aerobic Session.. 50-60min at 65% pace. 3000/2000m row + bike 150/100cals

A. Back Squat: Warm-ups, then 3@80%, 2@85%, 1@90%... if feeling good at this point, work to a 1RM for the day. If not, hit 4x4-6@85% leaving a rep in the tank B. Anderson Squats (with yolk) warm-ups as needed, then 4x4-6 heavy sets. (start a 2-4 inches above parallel). C. FBOMB D. 1 set: 80m+ sand bag carry as heavy as possible.

A. Push Press. 8,6,4,2,6,4,2 Rest approx 90sec
B1. DB Bench Press 5x6-9, rest 60sec
B2. Cable Lat Pull Down 5x5-8, rest 60sec
C. Group Metcon
D. 2 sets: 10-15reps "W's" with band + "Y" presses 10-15reps with band. Rest as needed.



Workout 1
A. Snatch from blocks 4x1@85-90%
B. Back Squat: 5x1@90%
C. Snatch pick-up drill with 4sec pause just below knees. 3x5@10%

Workout 2
A. Jerk from rack: 3x3@80% +
B. Power Clean from bloc 7x2 EMOM @ 70-75%
C. Group Metcon

Workout 3
A. Snatch to 3@70%,2@75%, 1@80%, 3@75%, 2@80%, 1@85%, 1@90%
B. 2 Clean + 1 Jerk. 3 sets @ 80-85%
C. Back Squat 2x6@75%, 2x3@85% + paused squat 2x3 with 5sec pause

Workout 4
A. Push Press 4x4
B. 3 sets: RDL 12 reps + shoulder press 4-6reps.
C. Group Metcon



A. Squat 3x3@85-88%
B. Bench Press 3x3@85-88%
C. DB Row 4x10

A. Paused Squat (either high bar or front squat) 4x5@65%
B. Pause 1" above the chest Bench 4x5@83-85%
C. Barbell Row 3x10
D. 3 sets each: 10 hammer curls, 10 tricep pushdowns

A. Deadlift 2x3 then 1xAMRAP @82-85% (stop 1 rep shy of failure)
B. Pause Deadlift (pause 1" off ground) 3x5@65-70%
C. 3 sets each: 5-8 Ab Wheel, 8-10 lat pulldowns

A. Overhead Press 3x3@85-88%
B. DB Floor Press w/ Pause Top & Bottom 4x8
C. 2 sets, alternating: 10 Lateral Raises + 10 Rear Delt Flies + 10 Pec Flies
D. Single Arm Farmers Carry 3 sets of 40m / hand