2-3mins @ 70%: skip, run, bike or row, then: 2-3 rounds of: 8-15 ring rows with 3sec pause at top + groin-hamstring flow 60sec + 15 RDL empty bar



TESTING: Fran or Modified Fran (21-15-9 on Thrusters, 15-12-9 for Burpees) *compare to Jan 4 2016

Option A: Make-up day for this week's testing workouts. Option B: 8min AMRAP: 30 double unders + 20 ball slams + 10 box jumps (step down)

TESTING: "Circuit City" 3 rounds: 60sec at each station. rest 2mins between rounds: WB, BJ, Burpees, Row *compare to Jan 6 2016

Option A: Make-up day for this week's testing workouts. Option B: 10mins of: 15sec L-Sit Hold + 30sec hanstand hold against wall + row 200m @ 85%.


Option A: Make-up day for this week's testing workouts. Option B: 12min AMRAP: 15 KB swings + 10 KB squats + 2x15m farms walk with plates (pinch grip)



Workout 1
A. Deadlift build to a tough set of 5. B. 2-3sets, 3 deadlifts @ today's top weight + single arm DB Row 10-12reps. C. Group Metcon

Workout 2
A, Shoulder Press, build to a tough 8 B. 3 sets alternating: shoulder press 4-6 reps at today's top weight + 5-8 chin-ups + paloff press 10/10 with 5sec hold. Rest 45sec bewteen exercises. C. Group Metcon

Workout 3
A. Back Squat, build to a tough set of 5. B. 3 sets of 5reps: back squat @ 85-90% of today's top weight C. Group Metcon

Workout 4
A. 8 sets: 3-6 chin-ups every 90sec. B. 3 sets: bent-over barbell row 8-10 with 2sec pause at top + side plank 45-60sec/side. C. Group Metcon



Workout 1
A. Pause Front Squat 3x5 (ramping, increase weight from last week)
B. 1 1/4 front squat 2x5@90% of top set
C. Group Metcon

Workout 2
A. Strict press + push press: 4 press + 3 push press, build to a tough set for the day
B. 3 sets: 10 seated DB press + 10 two arm DB row
C. Group Metcon

Workout 3
A. 8min EMOM 1-3 MU
A. 3 sets, rest 60-90sec: 10 RDL (3sec lowering) + 10 Bulgarian SS/leg
B. 2 sets, rest 60sec: 10 single leg RDL + 10 front step up/side
C. 2-3 sets: 15 cable back flies + 15 "W"s + 15 band pull aparts

Workout 4
A. 3 sets: 10 incline DB bench press + 4-6 chin ups (weighted if needed)
B. 150 DU in as few sets as possible (try for fewer sets than last week)
C. Group Metcon

Workout 5
A. 4 sets for quality: 10 GHR + 8-10 t2b + 45-60sec front plank on rings + 20 heavy KB swings
B. Group Metcon



Workout 1
A. Skill Work: 10 mins: 2-5mucle-ups + 40sec hollow body hold. B. 12 sets every 30sec: 3 power clean @ 70%. C. Group Metcon

Workout 2
A. Hang Snatch 12x2 @ 70-75%, EMOM. B. Front Squat, build to a 2RM for the day. C. Group Metcon

Workout 3
A. Mobility & Recovery: 2-3 sets: 3min bike/row @ 70% + 20 groiners + 20 shoulder pass throughs + 10 cossacks/side + 20 snow angel pull aparts + 20 inch worms + 20 boot strapper squats B. Group Metcon

Workout 4
PART A: 3 sets, atlernating: A1. Front Rack Bulgarian split squats: 20/side (sorry), rest 60sec, A2. Max HPSU, rest 60-90sec. PART B: 3xmax HSPU + 60sec weighted front plank, rest as needed. C. Group Metcon

Workout 5
A. max muscle-ups in 12mins. B. 4sets, 90sec: DB hang power clean + push press. Goal is steady pace all the way through. Rest 90sec. C. Group Metcon



A. Squat 4x5, 1xAMRAP @ 75%
B. RDL 3x10
C. 3 sets: 10 GHR + 10 single arm DB row

A. Bench Press 4x5, 1xAMRAP @ 75%
B. Overhead Press 3x5
C. 3 sets: 10 rolling tricep extensions + 10 bicep curls + 15 cable external rotations/side
OR Group Metcon

A. Deadlift 5x5@75%
B. Front Squat 3x5
C. 3 sets: 10 GHR + 6-8 chin ups

A. Pause 1" above chest bench press 4x5@75%
B. Incline DB press 3x10
C. 3 sets: 10 GHR + 10 tate presses + 10 BB curls
OR Group Metcon



A. Snatch from Block with 60sec rest: 3x2@70%, 2x2@75%, 3x1@80%
B. Back Squat. 3x3.2.1 rest 15sec inside cluster, rest 3-5mins between sets.
C. Pause Back Squat 2x5 with 5sec pause [15x3]

A. Clean and Jerk [1+4}, build to a tough single, then 2 sets at 90% of that.
B. Push Press 5x3
C. Group Metcon

A. Snatch 4x1@75%, 4x1@80%
B. Tempo Squat [50x2] lowering phase 3x4-6
C. OH Squat [34x1] 3x4-5

A. Clean from Block 3x4 (bar starts high on the thighs)
B. Tall Jerk. Build to a heavy set of 6.
C. Push Press 2x6-8 (try to beat last week)
D. Group Metcon