2-3mins @ 70%: row, skip, bike or run, then: 2-3 rounds of: 15 bootstrap squats + 10-25 scapular push-ups + 10-15 cossacks per side


5 sets: 15 chin-ups (strict) + 25 push-ups + 40 goblet squats. 18min cut-off

A. Farmers Carry. 7 tough sets of 3 gym lengths/1.5 laps. Rest 1-2mins between sets.

A. 5 sets: 60sec AMRAP Thursters at 110% Fran Weight. Rest 3mins. 

5 sets (15mins): 40sec shuttles. 20sec rest. 40ec assault bike, 20sec rest, 40sec row, 20sec rest. *Count your reps, but aim to keep a steady pace throughout


16mins for quality: 30 lunges (15/15) + 20 seated DB press + 30-45sec L-sit on paralettes or bar + 40 double unders (or 60-90sec of double under practice)



Workout 1
A. Back Squat, build to a tough set of 3 B. 2-3 sets, alternating: Back Squat with 3sec pause just above parallel , 3reps @ 85% of today's top weight + Wide Grip Pull-ups C. Group Metcon

Workout 2
A. Bench Press. build to tough set of 3 B. 3 sets, Paused Bench Press (2-3sec) 3reps @ 85% of today's top weight + "a's" with band 10-15reps. C. Group Metcon

Workout 3
A. 3 sets: Side step-ups 15/15 + Narrow Grip Chin-ups 5-10reps + Skater Squat with dumbbell in opposite hand 10/10 + side plank 45-60sec/side. B. 2-3 sets: external rotations with band (elbow at side) 10-15/side C. Group Metcon

Workout 4
A. 5 sets, rest 30-60sec between exercises: max HSPU + 30-50 single leg skips per side + Hollow Body Hold 30-45sec. B. 2-3 sets:ring support hold 30sec, rest 20sec + knee to elbow 10 strict reps. C. Group Metcon



Workout 1
A. Pause Front Squat 3x5 (ramping, last set at 8/10 difficulty)
B. 1 1/4 front squat 2x5@90% of top set
C. Group Metcon

Workout 2
A. Strict press + push press: 5 press + 3 push press, build to a tough set for the day
B. 3 sets: 12 seated DB press + 12 two arm DB row
C. Group Metcon

Workout 3
A. 8min EMOM 1-3 MU
A. 3 sets, rest 60-90sec: 12 RDL (3sec lowering) + 12 Bulgarian SS/leg
B. 2 sets, rest 60sec: 12 single leg RDL + 12 front step up/side
C. 2-3 sets: 15 cable back flies + 15 "W"s + 15 band pull aparts

Workout 4
A. 4 sets: 12 incline DB bench press + 6-8 chin ups (weighted if needed)
B. 150 DU in as few sets as possible
C. Group Metcon

Workout 5
A. 4 sets for quality: 10 GHR + 8-10 pullovers + 45sec hollow body hold + 20 heavy KB swings
B. Group Metcon



Workout 1
PART A: 3 sets, atlernating: A1. Front Rack Bulgarian split squats: 20/side (sorry), rest 60sec, A2. Max HPSU, rest 60-90sec. PART B: 3xmax HSPU + 60sec weighted front plank, rest as needed. C. Group Metcon

Workout 2
A. max muscle-ups in 12mins. B. 3sets, using 60% of your best shoulder press. Max shoulder press, immediately followed by max push press. Rest 90sec. C. Group Metcon

Workout 3
A. Snatch Work Part 1:2 sets: 3 snatch pick-up + 3 hang muscle snatch + 3 tall snatch + 3 jumping snatch pull. B Snatch Work Part 2: 12 sets: 1 snatch @ 75-80% EMOM for quality & speed. C. Back Squat, 5x1@90%. D. 2 sets: 10 RDL with 4sec lowering phase + 20-25 poliquin step-up + 10-15 "Y's" with the band + 10-15 "W's"

Workout 4
A. on an 14min clock, do as many quality, unbroken sets as you can: 4-8 pull-ups (or peg board climb) + 4-6 HSPU B. on a 4min clock, do as many quality sets as possible: 10-15 "A's" + 30sec L-sit on paralettes. C Group Metcon

Workout 5
A. Deadlifts 2x8@70-75%, 2x4@80%. B1-2sets if time allows alternating: bulgarian SS 10/10 + hip thrusts 12reps. C. Group Metcon



A. Squat 4x5, 1xAMRAP (stop 1-2 reps shy of failure) @ 72.5%
B. RDL 3x10 (4sec lowering)
C. 3 sets: 12 GHR + 12 single arm DB row

A. Bench Press 4x5, 1xAMRAP (stop 1-2 reps shy of failure) @ 72.5%
B. Overhead Press 3x6
C. 3 sets: 12 rolling tricep extensions + 12 bicep curls + 15 cable external rotations/side
OR Group Metcon

A. Deadlift 5x5@72.5%
B. Front Squat 3x6
C. 3 sets: 12 GHR + 8-10 chin ups

A. Pause 1" above chest bench press 4x5@70%
B. Incline DB press 3x12
C. 3 sets: 12 GHR + 12 tate presses + 12 BB curls
OR Group Metcon



A. Snatch from Block with 60sec rest. 4x2@70%, 4x1@75%, 3x1@80%
B. Back Squat. Build to a tough set of 5, then 2x4-6@90% of that. (go for max reps on last set)
C. Paused Back Squat 2x5 with 5sec pause (go down as fast as you can with control, then stop as fast as you can in the bottom position)

A. Clean and Jerk [1+3], build to a tough set, then 2 sets @ 90% of that.
B. Push Press 3x4-6
C. Group Metcon

A. Snatch 3@65%, 2@70%, 2@75%, 2x2@80%
B. Tempo Squat [50x2] lowering phase 3x4-6
C. OH Squat [33x1] 3x3-4

A. Clean from Block. (bar should start high on the tighs) 3x3
B. Tall Jerk. Build to a heavy set of 5.
C. Push Press 2x6-8
D. Group Metcon