[accordiontabs][tab title="Weekly Warmup"] 2-3mins @ 70%: run, airdyne, skip or row, then 2-3 sets of: scapular pull-ups 10reps + glute self massage OR stretch 60sec/side + 10-15 wide stance body weight squats [/tab]

[tab title="Group Metcons"] Monday 5 sets: 30sec wall ball, 30sec rest, 30sec rest, 30sec rowing, 30sec rest, 30sec KB swings, 30sec rest.

Tuesday 13min AMRAP: 5 push-ups + 5 ring rows + 10 ball slams + 10 box jumps (step down)

Wednesday 4 sets: 3mins work, 2mins rest: star the round with 15 heavy ball slams (Comp group do 15 OH Squats), then complete the time remaining with 5 burpees + 15 double unders

Thursday For time: Row 500m (or sub Airdyn 30cals) + 30 KB Swings + 15 burpees + 250m row (15cals AD)

Friday 15min for quality: 30-50reps/side single leg skips + 4 tough TGU/side + 10 renegade rows/side + 10-15 strict toe to bar

Saturday 8 sets for time: 4 heavy thrusters + 6 pull-ups + 8 box jumps.


[tab title="Foundations"] Workout 1 A. Back Squat, build to a tough set of 5. B. tempo back squats 2x5 with a 6sec lowering phase (at approx 80% of today's top weight) C. Group Metcon

Workout 2 A. Bench Press. Build to a tough set of 8. B. 3 sets: Paused Bench Press (4sec pause) 5reps @ 85-90% of today's top weight, rest 90sec. C. Group Metcon

Workout 3 A. 4 sets: Snatch Grip RDL 12 reps + 12 Bulgarian Split Squats/side. B. 2 sets alternating: weighted front plank + poliquin step-up 20-30reps/side. C. Group Metcon

Workout 4 A. 5 sets, rest 30sec bewteen exercises: Pull-ups 3-5reps + 45sec side plank (or single leg side plank). B. 2-3 sets: 10-15 DB Biceps curls + 10-15 DB skull crushers. C. Group Metcon [/tab]

[tab title="Training - General"] Workout 1 A. Deadlift 3x1.1.1 cluster sets, rest 15sec between reps, 2-3min between sets. Then drop weight and do 1x6-10 B. 3x5-10 pullups, rest 60sec C. Group Metcon

Workout 2 A. 5min muscle up practice or 5min AMRAP MU B. 4 sets, every 60-90sec alternate: 6 tough ground to overhead + 6-10 toes to bar C. Group Metcon

Workout 3 A. 8min handstand practice OR 2-5 HSPU EMOM for 8min B. Front Squat 6,5,4 ramping, rest 90sec-2min C. Back Squat 8,6,4 ramping rest 90sec-2min D. For quality, in 10min perform as many sets as possible of: 5 unbroken pullups + 12 KB swings + 10 heavy unbroken thrusters

Workout 4 A. Bench Press 4x4, then 1x6-10. Rest 90sec-2min B. 2-3 sets, rest 60sec: 6-10 standing DB press + 20 band pull aparts (1sec hold) C. Group Metcon

Workout 5 A. OHS 3x4 (1sec pause @ bottom), rest 60sec B. 3 sets; rest 30-45sec: 12 heavy KB swings + 12 GHD situps C. Group Metcon [/tab]

[tab title="Training - Competition"] Workout 1 A. Weighted Chin-ups 10x2-3 every 90sec. B. max legless rope climb in 3mins. C. Group Metcon

Workout 2 A. 4 sets @ 40-50%: 3 jumping snatch pull + hang snatch. rest 45sec. B. 5 sets: Hang Snatch + Full Snatch. C. Clean and Jerk 3x3 at 80% or higher. D. Deadlift 2x4-6 tough reps. E Paused Deadlift 2x4-6

Workout 3 A. Bench Press 3x4-6. B. Paused Bench Press 2x2-4. C.2-3 sets: max weighted push-ups + max unweighted push-ups, rest 60-90sec. D Group Metcon

Workout 4 A. Snatch from Block 3x5. B. Clean from Block 3x5. C. Tempo Back Squat (5sec lowering phase) 5x2-4

Workout 5 A1. Chin-ups 4x5-8reps, rest 30sec, A2. Ring Rows, max reps, 3sec pause at top, rest 30sec A3. Bent-over Barbell Row 10reps, rest 30sec, A4. Band Pull aparts 15-20reps. rest 2mins B. DB Hammer Curls 2-3setsx15-20reps. C. Group Metcon [/tab]

[tab title="Training - Weightlifting Team"] Monday A. Snatch to a max double, then 3x1 at that weight B. Back Squat: 4 hard sets of 2-4reps C. 4 sets: 3 Snatch Pull + 3 Snatch Pick-up Drill @ 115 %

Tuesady A. Clean from block to a max, then 2x3 @ 85% B. Jerk from rack, 5x1 C. Group Metcon

Thursday A. Clean and Jerk to a heavy double, then 3x1 at that weight. B. Front Squat 3x1.1.1 C. Paused Front Squat 2x4 D. 3 sets: 3 clean pulls + 3 clean pick-up drill.

Fri/Sat A. 3 tough sets: 2 High Hang Snatch +1 mid hang snatch + 3 OH Squats B. Paused OH Squat 3x5 C. Push Press 3x4-6 D. Group Metcon [/tab]