[accordiontabs][tab title="Weekly Warmup"] 2-3mins @ 70%: skip, run, airdyne or row, then 2-3 sets of: 10 cossacks/side + 15-20 band pull aparts with slow tempo + front split hold 60sec/side [/tab]

[tab title="Group Metcons"] Monday TESTER: Fran. 21-15-9 thrusters and pull-ups. compare to jul 22 2013, feb 1 2014, May 17 2014. 9min cut-off. scale load and pull-ups accordingly to ensure a consistent workout output.

Tuesday Rowing Team Relay. In teams of 3, complete 5x200m each, rotating team mates every 200m

Wednesday 8mins of: run 200m + 15 KB swings to chin , rest 3mins, then 8mins of: 200m run + 10 push-ups + 15 double uners

Thursday 5 sets: 3 TGU/Side + 5-10 L-sit tuck to extension + 10 rennegade row/side. 20min cut-off

Friday TESTER: G-FUNK 15min amrap: 10 burpees + 30 double unders, compare to Dec 26 2013, Mar 31 2014 [/tab]

[tab title="Foundations"] Workout 1 A. Back Squat 3×8 ramping B. Tempo Chin-ups 6×1-2reps EMOM C. Group Metcon

Workout 2 A. Bench Press. 3x8 B. Single Leg RDL 3x8/side C. Group Metcon

Workout 3 A. 3 sets, rest 60sec between exercises: Snatch Grip RDL 8 reps (use straps if necessary) + 45sec max rope climb OR 1 set AMRAP ring rows B. 2 sets: L-Sit, accumulate 30sec + 8 FFESS/side. C. Group Metcon

Workout 4 A. 3 sets, rest 45-60sec between exercises: 6 Bulgarian Split Squat/side + seated DB press 10-15reps B. 4mins of pull-over practice OR 4mins skin the cat practice, OR complete 30sec strict knee to elbow C. Group Metcon [/tab]

[tab title="Training - General"] Workout 1 A. Squat Mobility 2-3min B. Front Squat: build to a heavy single for the day, then 85%x3x3. Rest as needed C. 3 sets, rest 30-45sec: 10 standing DB Press + 10 Pull Up D. Group Metcon

Workout 2 A. Band mobility for pecs and shoulders 1-2min B. Bench Press 4x2+1+1, rest 15sec between reps. Rest 1.5min between sets C. 3 sets, no rest: 15 heavy KB Swings + 15 GHD situps D. Group Metcon

Workout 3 A. 5min AMRAP muscle-ups B. 3sec Pause Squat 75-80%x4x4. Rest 2min C. 6min EMOM 1-2 tough HSPU D. 3 sets, rest 60sec: 10-12 incline DB press + 3-5 tough chin ups

Workout 4 A. Deadlift 8x1 @ 85% every 90sec for speed B. 3 sets, rest 60sec: 6-8 GHR + 8 renegade rows/side C. Group Metcon

Workout 5 A. 3 sets for quality: 8 Pendlay row + 10 bent over laterals (2sec pause) B. 3 sets, rest 60sec: 20sec tucked front lever hold + 8 OH walking lunges/leg + 45sec hollow body hold C. Group Metcon [/tab]

[tab title="Training - Competition"] Workout 1 A. Tall Jerk Drill 3x5 @ 30-35% B. Clean + Clean + Jerk. 5 sets. C. Group Metcon

Workout 2 A. Bully Stretch 2x60sec/side B. complete 10-15 tough HPSU in 10mins. (from deficiet if you can) rest as needed C. 3 sets: Ring Dips 4-8reps + 20-30sec frog stand hold + tucked front lever accumulate 15-30sec D. Group Metcon

Workout 3 A. Snatch. 10x1 EMOM starting at 75% and building as you're able with no misses B. Front Squat 5 tough sets of 2 C. 3 sets: snatch grip DL 12reps + GHD Hip Extension 10 reps with 4sec pause at top (weighted) + Strict Chin-ups, max reps wtih 4sec lowering phase

Workout 4 A. OH Squat 4 reps EMOM @ approx 70%. 5 sets B. 3 sets, alternating: Bent-over Barbell Row 3x6 with 2sec pause at top, rest 30sec, max ring rows with 2sec pause, rest 30sec, 15 band rows (high to low) with 2sec pause at back. rest 90-120sec C. Group Metcon

Workout 5 A. ARAMP HSPU in 6mins B. 3 sets: Walking Lunges backsquat styles, 3x10/side + GHD Hip Extension 10reps + L-Sit 20-20sec. C. Group Metcon [/tab]

[tab title="Training - Weightlifting Team"] Monday A. Snatch: 60%x4, 70%x4, 80% for 3x3 B. Clean & Jerk 4+1@60%, 70%4+1, 80%@3x(3+1) C. Back Squat 60%x6, 70%x4, 3x3@80% D. RDL 4x6

Tuesday A. Power Snatch + OH Squat (3+3)@60%, (3+3)@65%), 2x(3+3)@70% B. Group Metcon

Thursday A. Snatch from Blocks 3@60%, 2x3@70%, 2x3@80% B. Clean from Blocks 4@60%, 2x4@70%, 2x3@80% C. Front Squat 6@60%, 4@70%, 3x3@80-85%

Fri/Sat A. Jerk From Rack 3x4@70-80% B. Push Press 2x4-6 C. Group Metcon [/tab]