Reminder: Holiday Monday there is open gym from 11am-1pm. [accordiontabs] [tab title="Weekly Warmup"] 2-3mins @ 70% run, skip, airdyne or row, then 2-3 sets of: 60sec dynamic quad stretch + 15 shoulder pass throughs + 10 wall squats (facing wall, arms held overhead) [/tab]

[tab title="Group Metcons"] Monday: Open Gym Only (lift, do some mobility and/or try one of last week's conditioning workouts that you missed or ask for suggestions on what to work on)

Tuesday 4 sets for quality: 20m pinch grip farmers carry + 30sec AMRAP keg ground to overhead OR sub a heavy ball + 30sec amrap chin-ups (chest to bar if possible) + 10 heavy walking lunges (5/side)

Wednesday Helen: 3 rounds for time: 400m run + 21 KB swings + 12 pull-ups

Thursday Prowler Sled Sprints: 10x10m. rest appox 90sec

Friday 5mins @ 85%: 15cals AD + max tempo push-ups. Rest 3mins. 5mins 200m row + 15 KB Swings. rest 3mins, 5mins 3 TGU/side + 15 box jumps (step down).

Saturday 10min amrap: 5 pull-up + 10 wall ball *compare to Jan 15 2014 and May 20 2014


[tab title="Foundations"] Workout 1 A. Back Squat 3×8 ramping B. Tempo Chin-ups 4x2-4 with 5sec lowering phase, rest 90sec C. Group Metcon

Workout 2 A. Bench Press. 3×5 B. Poliquin Step-up 2×20-30/side, rest 30sec between sides. C. Group Metcon

Workout 3 A. 3 sets, rest 60sec between exercises: RDL 8 reps (use straps if necessary) + 30sec max rope climb OR 1 set AMRAP ring rows B. 2 sets: chest to bar chin-up holds accumulate 30-45sec + band side shuffles 15reps/direction. no rest between exercises. C. Group Metcon

Workout 4 A. 3 sets, rest 45-60sec between exercises: 6 Bulgarian Split Squat/side + seated DB press 10-15reps B. 4mins of pull-over practice OR 4mins skin the cat practice, OR accumulate 45-60sec L-sit hold C. Group Metcon [/tab]

[tab title="Training - General"] Workout 1 A. Squat Mobility 90sec/side + ankle mobility 2min B. Back Squat 3x2@90-93%, 1x6-10@80%. Rest 2-3min C. Group Metcon

Workout 2 A. 5min AMRAP muscle-ups B. Push Press: build to a 3RM then 3x3@90%, rest 1.5-2min C. Group Metcon

Workout 3 A. 4 sets for quality: 3 TGU/arm + 6 BB walking lunges/leg + 2-4 tough HSPU + 45sec hollow body hold B. Group Metcon

Workout 4 A. Squat 6x1 every 90sec @ 87-88% B. 3 sets, rest 60sec: 8 snatch grip RDL + 60sec max pullovers C. 12 heavy KB swings to chin EMOM for 10min

Workout 5 A. 3 sets, rest 60sec: 8-10 hard pullups + 10 Bulgarian SS + 15 no money B. 5min max DUs or triple under practice C. Group Metcon [/tab]

[tab title="Training - Competition"] Workout 1 A. 5 sets @ 50% of: 2 jumping snatch pull (from knee) + 1 hang snatch. rest 60sec B. Back Squat 8@50%, 6@70%, 4@80%, 2@85%, 1@90%, 2x4-6@80% C. Group Metcon

Workout 2 A. bully stretch + overhead stretch 2x60sec/side B. 4 sets, rest as needed: 45sec AMRAP muscle-up, 10-15 GHD sit-up, 45sec AMRAP tough HSPU, 5 max effort box jumps (step down) C. Group Metcon

Workout 3 A. Hang Snatch + Snatch Pick-up + Snatch. 6 good quality sets with no misses B. Clean and Jerk, build to a tough single for the day, then 3x2@85% C. OH SQuat Built to 3RM for the day, then 2x8@70% of that.

Workout 4 A. Overhead Mobility B. 3 sets: 8 unbroken push press + 30 double unders. rest 90sec. C. 5mins amrap: 3 unbroken HPSU + 3 unbroken chest to bar chin-ups D. Group Metcon

Workout 5 A. Reverse Med Ball Throws: 4x4, rest 60sec B. Back Squat 6x1 EMOM @ 80-85% for speed & quality C. Group Metcon [/tab]

[tab title="Training - Weightlifting Team"] Monday A. Snatch from blocks to a tough single, then 2x2@90% B. Back Squat: 5@50%, 3@65%. 2@75%. 1@80%, 1@85%, 1@90%, 1@95%, 1xmax reps @90% C. Snatch Pull 3x4@100%

Tuesday A. Jerk from rack: 4x1 @ 85%-95% B. Power Clean 7x1 every 45sec @ approx 60-70% C. Group Metcon

Thursday A. Snatch 2x1@80%, 2x1@85%, 1@90% B. Clean and Jerk. 2@70%, 2@80%, 2x1@85% C. Back Squat 5x2@80% EMOM for speed + Paused squat 2x5 with 5sec pause

Fri/Sat A. Push Press 5x2 B. 3 sets: RDL 10 reps + shoulder press 6-8reps. C. Group Metcon [/tab]