Many of you have seen Evert in the gym this summer. He’s our latest scholarship athlete and his goal is to make it to the Rio Olympics in 2016.

When you see him in the gym, please say 'hi' and ask him to show you his special 'high-5'.

Evert began sailing at the age of 6 at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club (RCYC) in Toronto Harbour. His first years in a sailboat were under the guidance of his father, Terry, a 1984 Olympic silver medalist in the Flying Dutchman class, and the skipper of Canada 1 in the 1983 Louis Vuitton Cup.

Fast forward a bit through plenty of youth sailing success, and Evert began racing Lasers competitively in 2006, which he still sails today - winning CORK twice (2009 and 2010) and the US Nationals in 2010.

He now works for an engineering firm in Toronto part time while competing internationally against past Olympic medalists and other Olympic hopefuls. In 2013, Evert made the Canadian Sailing team and is focused on giving his best leading up to 2016.

Most recently (two weeks ago) he won the Nationals for the second time in the Snipe class.

So far we’ve been working with Evert on some General Physical Preparation tasks - building up his foundation of strength and endurance.

As he's building basic strength and improving his mobility and movement, we;ll gradually we’ll be shifting to some more sport specific prep. We’re really excited to work with Evert to get him as fit as possible for sailing so he can perform at his absolute peak potential.

If you’re curious about what Laser racing looks like, here is the final race from London 2012.