Toronto Pro Super Show 2014

As many of you know we had some competitors test themselves in a weightlifting meet at the Toronto Pro Super Show.

Dolores, Lewis, Alex and Mary Anne all suited up to give their best effort in this contest. We're super proud of all of these guys and very grateful to everyone who came out to support them.

Competition sharpens the focus of training and provides a very rewarding experience to the athlete.It can also be a source of anxiety and a multitude of other emotions.

Dolores wrote this excellent piece about her feelings on the competition. Thanks for sharing your experience! I hope it inspires some others to see what competition has to offer them:

Leading up to the competition, I'll admit doubt crept into my mind. I questioned why I was even competing in the first place. My training sessions leading up to the comp weren't my best and my confidence was a little shattered. Filled with anxiety, I doubted my ability to perform well. I told myself this would be my last weightlifting comp.

Now that I'm on this side of the meet, I realize the true value of competition. It's a completely different experience from lifting at the gym. You're filled with so much adrenalin and excitement that it's a mental challenge to stay focused. Anything can happen! But it's an opportunity to trust all the hard earned training and technique you've been working on for the past year.

It's that moment where you dig deep, take a big breath, and trust your coach, and most importantly, yourself. I certainly didn't have the best day, but I did surpass my expectations on the snatch lifts, which was a victory in itself.

What I took away from this weekend is a better understanding of my weaknesses and a renewed sense of wanting to work even harder to overcome them. That anxiety has now been replaced by excitement for what's to come. I feel even more motivated to train harder, to become stronger and better than before.

To my team mates: Thank YOU! It's such an honour to train with you. Witnessing your progress makes me aware of my own - and the camaraderie is always fun, supportive and motivating. You inspire me to be better all the time.

To Pete, Leah, Alastair: I can't express just how proud I am to be part of this gym. I feel so honoured to have such dedicated coaches whose unwavering support always pull me through those dark thoughts and remind me of what I'm capable of. Thank you for pushing me and helping me become a better version of myself all the time. I love you guys!

And now, it's back to basics and to prepare for the next one...