Name: Kelly

 FAge: 28 Occupation: Physiotherapist


Let me start this all out with the fact that I don’t really have an ‘athletic background’ whatsoever. Fitness, maybe, but athletics has never been my strong suit. If it involved a ball, or a team, or hand eye coordination, there was no way I was going to do it. Fast forward to the middle of my undergrad when I had a mini-crisis. I wanted to be a physiotherapist, but I couldn’t play sports and I was starting to tip the scales and see a number I never wanted to see. So I cleaned up my eating and got active. I started running, and in physio school, I started to lift weights with friends. Once school ended, I started to slowly put weight back on. I was working out, but it wasn’t working for me. I was running, but I hated it. I started to get extremely frustrated. I was back up into the 170s and a size 14. But I’m at the gym 6 days a week? How is this happening?

After debating back and forth, I finally contacted Quantum at the end of October 2012. I desperately needed a change from my routine. I also found the idea of having someone coach me extremely appealing. My motivation to push myself had seem to disappear so having someone encourage me through workouts sounded exactly like what I needed. I totally showed up, basically unprepared for my consult, and went with it. I think my first workout was ball slams and kettle bell swings. It was brutal, but I loved it. So I kept coming back.

In just over a year I have… - Dropped over 30lbs (but also kicked the scale and stopped focusing on numbers) - Went from a size 12/14 to a size 6 (the lowest size I’ve ever been in my life) - Gone from a really not great body fat percentage into the ‘athletic’ category - Killed numerous PRs that I would have never thought possible (137lb Back Squat, 100lb Front Squat, and 200lb deadlift) - Gained a much healthier relationship with food (thanks to the wonderful advice and support from Summer Innanen) - Found my self-confidence again
 Quantum has helped me every step of the way. I couldn’t have done all of that without them. Summer helped me out immensely with the nutrition side of things and with changing the way I look at food and eating. The coaches are approachable and seem to know exactly how and when to push you – even after a big eye roll from me and a little bit of whining while putting more weight on the bar. I love the community feel and it’s always nice to see new and old faces whenever I walk into the gym in the morning. The support and effort from everyone in the room is contagious and I rarely walk out of the gym without a smile on my face.

Should people be intimidated to try Quantum? NO WAY. From the get go you’re put into the right program for you and you’ve always got someone watching you to make sure you’re doing the workouts properly and with good technique.

Is it intense? Yes, but it’s going to be scaled to your intensity. On top of that, I achieved all those things that I listed and never once stepped in the gym more than 4 times per week, for an hour each time. Some weeks I barely make it once, some weeks I’m there all 4, and I have full rest weeks when I need them.