Name: Lewis O.Age: 17 Occupation: Student


NOTES FROM THE COACH When Lewis first came to us about a year ago, he was already a pretty solid athlete. He had taught himself how to squat and had hit a 200lbs back squat in training.

After a year he is doing over 325lb in the back squat, has added 50lbs to his snatch, 60lbs to his bench press, and gained nearly 20lbs of muscle. Lewis is currently preparing for a weightlifting competition in June where we expect him – based on how training is going - to smash his current personal bests. 
 For anyone reading this who is a young person who wants to unlock your true potential, email us at and ask for more information. We’re here to help you achieve amazing things.


Lewis has been one of our most consistent, hard-working and dedicated athletes. We’re so proud of his achievements thus far and we’re excited to see what he can achieve in the years to come.

Lewis is a perfect example of what happens when we combine proper training, hard work, and the potential of a young athlete.

There is no better time for an athlete to get started than during their teenage years so that they might reach their true potential .


 What is your fitness/atheltic background?: 
 I play hockey, track and field, soccer, football, and lacrosse. I have been working out since I was 13. 

What made you decide to join Quantum?: 
 I want to pursue on a more competitive level so I believed that it was time to get a coach and some legitimate programming.  


How has Quantum helped you to achieve your health and fitness goals, or other things aspects of your life? The amazing coaching, the precise programming, and the great nutrition advice has helped me reach my fitness goals and decrease some joint pains. Training has helped my sports by allowing me to be a more powerful and explosive player.

For example I can skate faster because my legs are more powerful. My strength has increased tremendously, allowing my slap shot to become faster and harder. I am able to jump higher and run faster, which has definitely improved my track and field event records.

I have become a faster swimmer because of the training I do in the gym. Training at Quantum also made me bigger and more muscular giving me an edge in contact sports such as hockey, as well as in martial arts such as jiu jitsu.
 Training at Quantum has also increased my gymnastic abilities. I can do muscle ups with ease. Walk 35 feet on my hands. Front flips have become easier to do because I can jump higher. 
Training at Quantum has made me a more efficient and competitive crossfitter and weightlifter.