In case you didn't know, one of our young athletes, Amin A., was down in New York City a couple weeks ago for a big fight.

His amateur career is off to a great start and his eventual goal is to turn pro and fight in the top Muay Thai promotions in the world. We're so excited to help support him in that goal as he continues to develop. It's a tough sport but he's got the warrior spirit and work ethic to rise to the top.

Here is his recap of the event:

It was a really good fight, I fought an undefeated opponent from Boston. The only thing that disappointed me was the fact that I started to get really tired in the last round, but I guess that's because I took the fight on one week notice.

He was strong, but thanks to the strength training I've been doing at Quantum under Alastair and Peter, I was equally as strong.

The training at Warrior Muay Thai and the training at Quantum Crossfit are the perfect blend for me, because I get a lot of my cardio/technical work done at Warrior, and I always get a good weightlifting workout thanks to Alastair and Peter.

My experiences at Quantum Crossfit are always amazing. I always walk out of the gym sore (which is a good thing).

Aside from great training, what I really like about Quantum is the emphasis on proper technique. Before I started training there when I thought of weightlifting I just thought of big guys pushing heavy weights. When I started training at Quantum I realized that body mechanics, and making sure you're keeping the right form during an exercise will prevent injuries, get deeper range of motion etc.

I really have to thank Coach Peter and Coach Alastair for all they've given me in such a short amount of time and I look forward to what the future holds for us. I also really have to thank all my family at Warrior Muay Thai, my coach Zubair for all they do for me.