cam-tire Name: Cam Y.
 Age: 29 
Occupation: Event Management

What is your fitness/athletic background?  
Grew up playing both individual and team sports from Boxing to Ice Hockey.  Still play recreational ice hockey and have always been fairly active.

What made you decide to join Quantum?   
I moved to Toronto and knew that I wanted to do something different in terms of working out.  I have been weight training since I was 15 years old and having had a taste of CrossFit when I was in the UK knew that a conventional gym just wouldn't cut it.  Especially as I am approaching my 30's I wanted to make a real effort to make the jump from being in ok shape to great!

How has Quantum helped you to achieve your health and fitness goals, or other things aspects of your life? Apart from the obvious differences in training methods - from training on my own - based on the knowledge of friends, past coaches and my own research - to working out in a group training setting with coaches to critique and push me, I think one of the biggest changes that joining Quantum has made for me is in my eating habits. 

Getting educated, and on board with the Paleo diet has resulted in great results at the gym, but just feeling much better in general!  Having more balanced energy levels (even with the intense workouts) has resulted in better sleep which carries over to how I feel at work (even though I'm stuck behind a desk for a lot of it!) etc.


What results have you seen or experienced? In the first 3 months I lost almost 20lbs and 5% body fat, since then I have maintained a more healthy body weight, while putting on lean muscle.  While being able to regulate my body weight I've made significant strength and cardio/endurance gains over the past few months!   
Still partially healing from a shoulder injury when I first started my bench press was down to a 1RM of 170lbs, now it's up to 215lbs. Back Squat has gone up almost 100lbs and Deadlift has gone up almost 150lbs!

What do you like best about Quantum?  
There is a lot I love about being at CFQ, but as is the case with most places it's the people that make the difference.  The other members are all great to train with - everyone is there to help push you further while remaining friendly and respectful.  

Same with the coaches, they are great at making sure that you are getting the most out of your workouts, knowing exactly how hard to push you and keeping your safety at the forefront.  Overall the atmosphere is intense but very positive.

Why would you recommend Quantum to your friends/family? 
 As much as I can go on and on... and on... about how much I love working out at Quantum because of the other members, coaches, training programs, etc. (backed up by the fact that I am moving across town, but completely unwilling to even consider changing gyms...) I know that I have already influenced a number of my friends and family to at least check it out just by virtue of them seeing how happy I am about going every day - even when I know the workout is going to be tough - and 
them being able to see the results for themselves. 

But the advice I would give to anyone who is even curious about checking it out is to just give it a try, see if it's for you, either way you will never look at working out the same way again!