There are certain fundamental human movements that all healthy people should be able to properly complete. These should form the centrepiece of training programs. We're talking about simple things, for example: squats, picking stuff up (deadlifts), lifting something overhead, push-ups, chin-ups, step-ups, running, and jumping. The body is made to move as a whole: to bend, squat, push and pull. Getting better at these fundamentals makes you better at just about any physical task.


These movements can often expose weaknesses that can be improved and help trainees reach new levels of speed, strength, power and mobility when properly trained.

Sprinter leaving starting blocks on the running track. Explosive start.

For those seeking longevity, general health, and the ability to move and live well over time, we feel that building capacity in these movements is absolutely critical.

After all, if we imagine a continuum of great capacity for movement and very poor movement we can compare back squatting many pounds to not being able to get out of a chair without assistance; heavy deadlifting to not being able to pick-up groceries from the floor without back pain; and lifting weights overhead to being unable reach the top shelf of the pantry due to lack of shoulder mobility and strength.

All of these so-called fundamental movements first and foremost require adequate mobility to get into the right positions and also proper coaching.

From there we can strengthen these movements so the trainee can reach ever greater heights of ability that translate into REAL WORLD capacity for physical tasks.

Part of our mission as a gym is to share good movement with as many people as possible. It’s one of the most gratifying and profound things we can help someone with.