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Name: Mary Anne C. Age: 26 Occupation: Banking/Finance

Tell us your story. I did swimming when I was a bit younger. I've been doing competitive dragon boat and also a bit of outrigger canoeing for the last three years now.

As part of my training for dragon boat and outrigger canoe I was looking for programming to not only build strength, but also improve my overall cardiovascular endurance. I had heard about Crossfit for some time and decided to give it a try.

Since joining Quantum, not only have I seen improvements in my overall performance in the other sports I do, but I've also discovered a sport I never thought I would love: Olympic weightlifting.

Shortly after starting at Quantum, I got on the O-lift program. This program has helped me not only significantly improve my overall strength, but also improve my mobility! I also sleep better now, and find myself eating cleaner and healthier.

For starters I've acquired both technique and strength I never really knew I had. In the span of only a few months, I've added for example just a little under a 100lbs to my backsquat [editors note: Mary Anne squats over 200lbs now and keeps building!].

As for my Olympic lifts, I went from having just about no weight on the bar, to having a 130 lbs clean and jerk, and a recent PR of 115 lbs on the snatch!

Nutrition-wise I've really cleaned up my eating habits. I've managed to significantly reduce the amount of starch in my diet. I've also lost a good 10-15 lbs!

Thanks to Quantum, I've seen an overall change in my lifestyle. I don't eat out as much and don't find myself eating fast food as often as well. Much of my day-to-day routine has also changed dramatically. I find myself going to the gym at least four times a week now. Just a few months before joining Quantum I would have never thought this could have ever happened!

What do you like best about Quantum? I'd have to say the coaches! Quantum's emphasis on drilling proper technique before putting any kind of weight on the bar is something that I think is lacking in a lot of strength and fitness facilities. The coaches have also taught me to always compete against myself, and to try and constantly go above and beyond whatever goals I am working towards.

Although I never thought of myself as a competitive person, Quantum's coaches have given me the opportunity to experience competition in a sport I never thought I would ever compete in. Earlier this year, I competed in an Olympic weightlifting event. I definitely plan on competing more in the near future !

Why would you recommend Quantum to your friends/family? Absolutely. Quantum's combination of solid programming and coaching are two things I know could work for any one of my friends or loved ones looking to either get back into shape or accomplish more specific strength/conditioning goals.

Mary Anne's current PRs: 160# Clean and Jerk 125# Snatch 190# Front Squat