every damn day What makes the biggest difference to your success (or lack of it) in the gym?

I think the single most important thing is consistency. Just like anything, you’ve got to show up to make something happen. You’re not going to achieve your health/fitness/body goals by sitting at home watching Netflix - although that is an awesome way to spend time.

Assuming you’re not following a totally stupid/inappropriate program, if you keep showing up you’re going to keep getting better.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not all going to be roses and raspberries. Sure, at some points in your fitness journey you will probably have periods of major progress. This feels awesome - just incredibly.

At other times though, you’ll have periods of stagnation where it’s very challenging to get to the next level.

Ask anyone who’s been training for a while and they’ll tell you the same thing. There are ups and downs.

Alastair and Leah are very good examples. They are both extremely consistent with their training. They do have setbacks from time to time though that are mentally and physically tough.

In the long-run being their consistency enables them to move beyond ordinary levels of strength to some serious FEATS OF STRENGTH!!! (said in Conan the Barbarian voice) Their continued progress and success in powerlifting is proof.

For most of us, our goal may not be to develop into a powerlifting demi-god. It is more likely to stay fit, feel great, be able to fully enjoy all kinds of physical activities (skiiing, swimming, team sports, etc) and, obvs, to look good at pool parties.

Basically we want to be able to have fun and truly feel alive for as long as possible.

But whether your goal is lift superhuman amounts of weight, look hot in your european-cut swimming trunks, or just FEEL better in your body as you move through life, consistency is key.

A while back I was talking to Spyros - to my mind one of our most successful trainees in our community as far as the transformation he’s accomplished and sustained. Remember this?

Do you know what he does? He makes it his goal to get to the gym at least 4 times every week no matter what. He also makes sure that eats clean all week. That’s it.

Spyros doesn’t worry too much if he didn’t have the best workout. He focuses on the underlying habits that will lead to the success he wants.

It’s simple. Each week he puts a piece of paper on the fridge with 3 key goals. One has to do with his sales job. glengarry alec baldwin abc always be closing

The other 2 have to do with his lifestyle and they are specific. He blocks out the days of the week that he will get into the gym ahead of time.

At the end of the week he can tick those things off and know that he’s put in the effort that’s needed. He either accomplishes it or doesn’t. There is no room for waffling or almost doing it.spyros - weekly checklist for consistency dec 2013

I love this because it’s simple and it’s working! He’s getting fitter, stronger, and keeps looking more and more handsome by the day. You can’t argue with that!

The bottom line is that you need to stay in the groove and keep up the basic things that are going to help you achieve what you want.

So grab a piece of paper, write down a few simple habits that you want to commit to each week, and then check them off at the end of that week.

Stay consistent and let that practice lead to BIG THINGS!