photo (12) Katherine Ing Age: 49 Occupation: Pediatric Dentist

I've been a pretty regular runner for the past 15 years during which time I've run 11 marathons. I also like road cylcing and just like with the running, I like the longer distances of 100km-100miles. I guess I like the pacing aspect of the long distances as opposed to the painful sprints of shorter distances.

A number of thing drew me to want to join Quantum. I realized that although running and road cycling were excellent ways of developing cardio - not to mention good opportunities for interesting travel, I was basically a weakling with very little strength - particularly in the upper body.

I had also sustained a shoulder injury from road cycling a number of years back that I thought some strengthening could help.

Most importantly I was bored of my regular running and cycling "rut" and needed some new motivation.

Firstly, joining Quantum has given me some new goals that I didn't even know I had. I wanted to increase my overall strength but wasn't sure of anything specific. Peter challenged me to just write down anything - even if it did not seem at all possible,

So through this exercise I was able to learn to climb a rope which in turn gave me the confidence to run an obstacle course race and know that I had those obstacles in the bag.

Flexibility, balance, strength have all been improved since I have started training at the gym. The changes have been gradual but things as simple as setting up the bar and weights are now easy and routine as opposed to when I first started, setting up for the workout was a workout already to me!

I am now able to back squat a hundred and five pounds and deadlift my body weight and more. My shoulder injury routinely feels better after a workout at the gym and through conditioning for this, I've been able to strengthen and "engage" the muscles in my back.

The atmosphere is a great fit for me - low key but encouraging from not only the coaches but the other people at the gym.

The coaches are all extremely sensitive to everyone's individual needs and it seems as if they are always watching, even if you don't think they are. I like that the workouts are all more or less individualized to meet your own needs and goals.

It is a also great that there are group challenges, group events (mud run) and a few special clinics to improve technique such as the rowing clinics.

I love also the variety in the workouts - which seems to stave off boredom.

I try to make sure that making it to all the workouts I have planned is a priority. In addition another change I've tried to make is to be more conscious of my eating. I now try not to snack the way I did in the past and " make a date with my meals" . that has helped to curb a lot of the junk eating.

I would definitely recommend this training to anyone interested in being a well-rounded fit!

People should not be intimidated because all the workouts and moves can be adjusted to each individual's needs. If a klutzy person like me can learn the movements, anyone can!