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Name: Ian Cadelina

Occupation: Digital Account Supervisor

I was a moderately active person prior to CrossFit. Being a member of the wrestling team when I was attending university prompted me to take weight training seriously. I have also dabbled in other sports like tennis, badminton and skiing.

A buddy of mine from NYC was the one who convinced me to join CrossFit and I have seen his transformation from a fat-belly figure to a muscle-toned guy. The one thing that really pushed me was the way he passionately talked about how awesome it is and how CrossFit positively transformed him not only physically but also his total well-being.

The best promoter of CrossFit are the members themselves.

He would not stop hounding me to go and try CrossFit until I finally came across Quantum which is conveniently located near where I live. From that first workout I decided to sign up and give myself a chance if CrossFit is really for me.

Prior to CrossFit, I worked out at Extreme Fitness at least three times a week using a fitness program that a trainer made for me years ago. I spent an hour in weight training and half an hour on the treadmill but despite this routine, I somehow felt that I was not achieving my fitness goals.

I guess I was living up to the definition of insanity when I was doing the routine over and over again for so many years! When I signed up at Quantum, I told my coaches that I want to be leaner and have well-defined cuts and of course stronger.

And true enough, with self-motivation, awesome coaching from the trainers and discipline, I became stronger and I was even surprised by myself doing a 175lb squats which I avoided like a plague pre-CrossFit! My endurance improved a lot and my eating habits became healthier.

My shoulders and back have become more defined (think: V-shaped) which I never had when I was working out in the gym, I can deadlift 225 for reps and I feel great.

Honestly, I was intimidated when I went on my trial, but that quickly went away when the coach explained that all the members started the same way I did – with no real experience. CrossFit may not be for everyone BUT I strongly recommend that people give it a chance and it just might be life-changing for them.

The camaraderie and sense of community among my fellow members is another big plus.

The best promoter of CrossFit are the members themselves. It's been more than a year since I joined and I've become an advocate. I cannot stop talking about it to other people! My friends have noticed my positive transformation and that reinforced my self-confidence and made me a living testimony of what CrossFit can do to your overall well-being.

Some of the keys to my success have been the discipline to stay consistent, making sure I have fun, asking questions, listening to the guidance of the coaches (this is very important IMO), and listening to what my body tells me as far as how hard to push myself.

Beyond that, the coaches are amazing. Their passion for training helps me to push myself to the limits; their unselfishness to share their knowledge and experiences, and of course the safety first mentality - they will not allow me to injure myself

The camaraderie and sense of community among my fellow members is another big plus - I look forward to working out with them because I feel mutual motivation and respect.

Finally, the flexibility of the program has been a tremendous help. When I had problems with my shoulder the coaches made sure I completed my rehab and worked with me on alternative exercises until it was healed.