We frequently hear from new people who are just learning about Quantum CrossFit that it seems too intimidating. Even though these people want to lose fat/feel better/ improve their fitness/change their lives for the better, something prevents them from taking that first step. Whether they see pictures of top CrossFit Athletes looking like real life superheroes or photos of regular gym members flipping tires, doing pull-ups or hoisting heavy barbells, they see a disconnect between the people in the photos and themselves.

They say “I don’t think I can do that.”

The truth is that everyone has a choice. They can either say “I can’t” or they can say “maybe I can.”

There are many reasons why people believe that they “can’t” participate, but the worst reason of all is that they don’t think they are fit enough to start at Quantum CrossFit.

Any good gym - CrossFit or otherwise - will assess where each trainee is starting relative to their goals and recommend the right approach for them to have the strongest start possible. They will then put the necessary progressions and timelines in place for that person to develop themselves and succeed.

For some people our group program is a great way to start off. For others, a more individualized training plan is better. No one gets thrown into something they aren't ready for.

The truth is that we’re all regular people who have simply worked on our fitness consistently over time with a good program and attentive coaching. That’s why we’ve seen results.

I’ve heard stories of members who were feeling nauseous from being so nervous on their first day. Then they realized that rather than something to be scared about, this kind of training is actually fun and has enabled them to do things they never thought possible.

Say “maybe I can”, see for yourself what this gym is all about and open up a world of possibilities. You will probably surprise yourself.

If you have friends or family members who fall into this category, help them on the right path. Invite them to try a class to suggest that they come out to our open house/bring a friend event on Sat Jan 4th.