[accordiontabs][tab title="Weekly Warmup"] 2-3mins @ 70%: run, row, skip or airdyne 2-3 sets of: 10 cossacks/side 15 shoulder pass throughs kneeling hip flexor drill, 10 passes/side [/tab]

[tab title="Group Metcons"] Monday 5 sets: 12 OH walking lunges/side + 40 double unders + 10 knee to elbow

Tuesday Helen: 3 sets: 400 meter run, 1.5 pood Kettlebell swing x 21, Pull-ups 12 reps

Wednesday 3sets: 60sec airdyne, rest 3mins. 60sec row, rest 3mins.

Thursday 60sec tire flips, 60sec rest, 60sec 10m shuttles, 60sec, 60sec wall ball, 60sec rest, 60sec KB swings to chin

Friday In teams of 3 with only 1 person working at a time, complete: 300 ball slams, 90 burpees, 3000m row.

Saturday For time: 50 double unders, 40 wall ball, 30 KB swings, 20 push-ups, 800m run, 20 push-ups, 30 KB swings, 40 wall ball, 50 double unders [/tab]

[tab title="Foundations"] Workout 1 A. Shoulder Press. Build to 5RM B1. Shoulder Press 3xmax reps @ 85% of 5RM, rest 60sec B2. Bent-over DB Row 3x8-12/side, rest 90-120sec C. Group Metcon

Workout 2 A. Deadlift. 3x5, ramping B. Front Step-up 3x8-10/side, rest 45s between sides. C. Group Metcon

Workout 3 A. Max effort box jump 5x4, rest 60sec B. 3 sets: DB Bench Press 3x8-12 reps + torsion controll drill 15-20touches/side + accumulate 20sec in L-Sit hold. Rest 60sec between exercises. C. Group Metcon

Workout 4 A. Paused Back Squat 3x5 with 3sec pause at bottom. Rest 2mins B. 3 sets: pull-over practice (or substitute knee to elbow 10 reps) + powel raise 10 reps with slow tempo. Rest as needed. C. Group Metcon [/tab]

[tab title="Training - General"] Workout 1 A. Back Squat 5@80%, 2@88%, 1@95%, 1xmax reps @ 85%, 1x8-10@75% B. Group Metcon

Workout 2 A1. Bench Press build to 3RM, then 2x6-8reps @ 80% of 3RM, rest 90sec A2. Tempo Chin-up with 5sec lowering phase. 4x5+, rest 90sec B. Group Metcon

Workout 3 A. Front Squat 3RM B. 4 sets of: amrap handstand push-ups or 40sec handstand hold, rest 90sec, 6-8 deadlift @ 70%, rest 90sec C. 3 sets: AMRAP pull-over (or 15 knee to elbow) + 8-10 GH Raise + 60sec max double unders. Rest as needed between exercises.

Workout 4 A. 2mins/side pec self massage + 2min/side scapular mobility, see below B. Shoulder Press 3x3, then 1xmax @ 75% of top set of 3, rest 2-3mins bewteen sets. C. No Money Drill 3x15 with 3sec pause at back. Rest 60sec D. Group Metcon

Workout 5 A. 5mins, max strict chin-ups. B. 3 sets, rest 45s between exercises: TGU 4/side Front Step-up 12/side L-Sit: tuck to extended (hold extended position for 5sec). C. Group Metcon [/tab]

[tab title="Training - Olympic Lifting"] Workout 1 A. Jumping Snatch Pull Drill from the Hang 4x4@40% B. Snatch. Build to heavy single for the day (use that as 100% for the day), then 2@85%, 1@90%, 1@95% C. Group Metcon

Workout 2 A. Clean. 3x1@90% B. Back Squat. 1@95%, 2x5, 1x5+@80% C. Snatch Pull 4x4@105%

Workout 3 A. Drop Snatch 1RM. Then 3x1@90% B. 1 Front Squat + 2 Jerk @80-85%. C. Group Metcon

Workout 4 A. Snatch from blocks 4x2@80-85% B. Push Press 4x3 C. Front Squat 3x5, try to beat what you did from week of July 1

Workout 5 A. 4 sets of: amrap handstand push-ups OR 40sec handstand hold + 60sec AMRAP pull-over (or 15 knee to elbow) + 60sec max double unders + 8 GH Raise. Rest as needed between exercises. B. Group Metcon



Scapular Mobility - First Drill, about 1 min in.