The GET REAL Food Challenge is over!! Congratulations to everyone who participated...pretty much everyone saw an increase in their workout performance, but the 2 people who crushed it AND submitted epic blog/vlog testimonials were Kelly Franklin and Matt Davis.

To honour the winners, we are pleased to present our interview with them (Barbara Walters style)....Check out what they had to say about the challenge and how it's helped them GET REAL!

What has the challenge done for you?

Kelly: The challenge has allowed me to realize that while I had cleaned up my diet considerably since starting at Quantum, I still had a bit of a sugar habit. I was getting really good at making paleo muffins, brownies, and other treats. I finally stopped and focused more on making sure I had good food around for snacks at work if I needed them. I also realized that cinnamon almond butter was just as good without the maple syrup in it!

It’s also helped me find my good food groove, which in turn helped get rid of what was left of stomachaches. I definitely have more energy throughout the day, and I’m on my way to sleeping a lot better.

Matt: The challenge has restored some confidence in me and helped me kickstart I am making healthier food choices, taking more time to plan out my meals and feeling more healthy overall! Winning the challenge scored me a wet new pair of Nike shoes too so I am stoked about that!

What would you say was the biggest benefit to doing the challenge?

Kelly: The biggest benefit for me was realizing that I had found a comfortable place in terms of workouts and food and that I really needed to push past that comfort zone! I woke up at the end of February and realized that I wasn’t seeing changes because I had stopped challenging myself to work as hard as possible. Sure I was still sweating buckets, but I could add some weights or do those burpees much faster! So I made sure to make every workout count and the good food that I was pairing with me allowed me to set a ton of PRs and up my weights for a lot of the met-con exercises!

Matt: My biggest benefit was realizing that I had to make some more drastic changes in my life. Once I got the ball rolling with the challenge, I realized that there were also other things which were holding me back from achieving my full potential. I was partying too much and just being too decadent with going out, eating out etc (it's kind of like the festive season never ended!). The challenge enabled me to recognize this and reign in a few blowouts!

What are your goals now that the challenge is over?

Kelly: My biggest goal now that the challenge is over is to keep it up. I kicked the last of my sugar habit with the challenge and now that the challenge is over, I just want to keep going. I have some serious lifting goals and I want to do my best to be able to lift heavy and get huge!

Matt: I have decided to do a 3 month detox, 3 months off the 'sauce.' I am six weeks in and feeling amazing about it! I am headed to Europe for the Summer and moving back to Australia in August so my goal is to get my beach body ready for a life by the a ocean again!

Congrats Kelly & Matt! We are super proud of you guys! Stay tuned for the next GET REAL challenge...

Metcon 3 sets. Each set is 5mins of: 10 box jumps (step down) 10 DB ground to overhead Rest 3mins between sets.