GET REAL Winter 2013

It's that time again!!! Time for the next GET REAL Challenge! Once again, this challenge is open to anyone who wants to participate and we have a prize for Best Team.

All you need to do is sign-up next week, contribute to the prize pot, complete the GET REAL WOD (or not....it's not mandatory) and start eating REAL!

After 5 weeks, we will pick 3 winners based on Best Male and Female Performance Improvement and Best Individual or Team Essay/Video.

We encourage you to do some before/after measurements and pictures to track your body composition changes. Summer will have some availability next week if you would like her to do them for you.


Remember, Pete, D-Lo and Jack are hitting WinterLift as well.

Metcon In teams of 3: 4mins of: rope hand-over-hand pull (pulling sled). Switch every gym length. 4mins of: 4 strict chin-ups + 8 push-ups 4mins of: rowing. Switch every 150m