We're running a Gymnastics Seminar on April 14 with Tanya Doerr.There is a sign-up sheet at the gym. There are only 10 spots total.

Tanya's Bio: I am a registered physiotherapist and certified NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program) Level 2 gymnastics coach. I have coached gymnastics at a variety of levels for over 10 years, and am a lifelong fitness enthusiast. Currently I am a competitive cheerleader, and was selected to be a part of Team Canada at the Cheerleading World Championships in 2011, helping to bring home a gold medal for our country. I have also just been selected to represent Canada again at the 2012 World Championships.

Metcon Part A 4 sets: 20sec battling ropes 60sec rest [rest 2 mins between A and B] Part B 4 sets: AMRAP burpees in 60sec rest 3mins