Summer writes:

The end of the GET REAL Food Challenge is here and the time has come to crown the "King" and "Queen" of REAL food. This was a really tough decision because ALL of you did amazing. We saw the most dramatic changes that we've seen to date during this challenge. In total, we lost 200lbs...that's probably equivalent to Peter's bicep curl 1RM and 88 inches...most likely Tyler's box jump height. There were some seriously jaw-dropping results and it literally came down to a photo finish to determine the winners. The 2 winners not only saw the most dramatic changes in body composition, but they also embodied the spirit of the challenge and lifestyle.

Without further ado...the winners of the 2012 GET REAL Food Challenge are.....

Queen Mary Anne McEvoy!!!

King Jason Staglon!!!

The runners up who will take home a fancy new Quantum T-Shirt are....

Princess Jodi Spivak

Prince Scott McG

You guys also rocked it!

Honourable mentions go to the following finalists (in no particular order): Lisa Barclay, Amanda Burt, Jen Stinson, Elizabeth Snyder, Michelle Monk, Chris Stinson, James Chow and Tyler. You all probably need some new pants now and an excuse to rock a bathing suit!

We would also like to award the following individuals in random categories that we just made take home the following titles:

  • "Best Recipes" - James Chow (the pork belly won this prize)
  • "Best Cooking Skills" - Jack Shier, who proved that you can make a meal for 20 people (or 1 strong guy) on a 4 burner stove-top.....Jack also wins for "Best example of how to get Jacked in 30 days"
  • "Most Appearances on the PR Board" - Ann Lamont
  • "World Record Holders" (this one's a real title): Marina Tronin, Jodi Spivak and Alastair MacNicol
  • "Best Paleo Pet Owner" - Rob Peach who also got Arthur on the Challenge
  • "Best Wall Confessions" - Michelle Kennedy
  • "Best Paleo Power Couple" - The Stinson's
  • "Best Rebound from an All-Inclusive" - Amanda Burt

EVERYONE did amazing, so we hope that you are proud of yourselves. You sure made us proud and we couldn't be happier to have such dedicated members. Way to represent Quantum! Stay tuned for details on the Quantum 2 year anniversary party where we will 'officially' crown and celebrate the winners and all the participants of the challenge!

Great job everyone!

Metcon: For time, in order: 100 Russian KB swings 100 push-ups 100 double unders 15mins time cap.