Alvin finished in 5th place at the Threshold competition, great job! Training crew, you're starting a new cycle this week.

I visited The Burger's Preist North location. Spoiler, the burgers are awesome. :)

Occupy a squat rack.

I like everything about this t-shirt.

[spoiler title="Weekly Warmup"] 2mins @ 70% row, run, skip or bike then 2-3 rounds: - 15 Band pull aparts - 15 Shoulder pass throughs - 10 OH Squats [/spoiler]

[spoiler title="Group Metcons"] Monday 4mins Row or airdyne 2mins Rest 4mins AMRAP: 5 push-ups, 10 sit-ups, 20 double unders 2mins Rest 4mins AMRAP: 3 man-makers, 6 wall ball

Tuesday 3mins Max double unders, then, 4 sets: 30sec AMRAP: Toe to bar 30sec Rest 30sec AMRAP: Strict chin-ups 30sec Rest 30sec AMRAP: Ring dips OR push-ups 30sec Rest

Wednesday 5 rounds for time: 20 Dumbbell snatch (10/side) OR 10 OH Squat @ 50 1RM for intermediates 10 Burpees * no squat rack for OHS

Thursday For time: 21-15-9 - Ball slams - Wall ball - Box jumps

Friday 4 rounds for time: 7 Burpees 9 Russian KB Swings Then Rest 4mins Row or Airdyne 2min time trial for max calories

Saturday In teams of three with only one teammate working at a time, complete as many rounds as possible in 15mins: 5 Man makers 10 Toes to bar [/spoiler]

[spoiler title="Foundation"] Workout 1 A. Back Squat 3x5, rest 2mins B. Paused Back Squats 2x5 with 3sec pause at the bottom, rest 90sec C. Group Metcon

Workout 2 A. Shoulder Press 3x8, rest 2mins B1. Chins 2x4-8, rest 45sec B2. Low box step-ups 15/side, rest 45sec C. Group Metcon

Workout 3 A1. RDL 4x10 A2. Forward DB Lunge 4x6/side B. 4 sets, rest as needed: Perfect Push-ups 3x10 (weighted if possible) TGU 3/side Ring Rows 3x10 Row 150m as hard as possible C. Accumulate 60sec in L-sit

Workout 4 A. Push Press 4x5, rest 2mins B. DB Press 2x8-12, rest 90sec C. Group Metcon [/spoiler]

[spoiler title="Training"] Workout 1 A1. Press 4x5 [32x1], rest 30sec A2. Strict chin-ups [40x0], 4xmax reps, rest 2mins B. Group Metcon

Workout 2 A. front squat 4x5 [30x2], rest 2-2.5mins B. Group Metcon

Workout 3 A. 2 hang snatch + 2 OH Squat, 6 sets. rest 90sec 3 sets: B1. Handstand push-ups, max reps. OR DB seated press 5-10reps, rest 30sec B2. Skin the cat 3-5 reps, rest 30sec B3. Low box step-up, 15 reps, rest 30sec C. Snatch grip deadlift 4x4, rest 90sec 4 sets: D1. RDL, 8reps, rest 30sec D2. Support position on rings accumulate 30sec, rest 45sec

Workout 4 A1. Back Squat 4x5 @ 77-80%, rest 60sec A2. Chin-ups 4x4-6, rest 90sec B. Group Metcon

Workout 5 A. Hang Snatch + Hang Snatch + OH Squat 6x1, rest 60sec B. Speed Deadlift 8x2 @ 50% on the minute. Move the bar as fast as possible. C. Group Metcon [/spoiler]

[spoiler title="Competition"] Workout 1 A. Snatch, work to heavy single, then 3x2 @ 85%, 2x1 @ @ 90% B. Drop snatch + 2 OH Squat 3x1. Hold bottom position for 3sec. C. Back squat 3x1.1.1

Workout 2 A1. Bench Press 4x1.1.1, rest 15sec within cluster. Rest 90sec A2. Chins 4x1-3, rest 2mins B. Group Metcon

Workout 3 A. 7mins, AMRAP muscle-ups B. 5 sets: 8 heavy thrusters, row 200m. Rest 3.5mins

Workout 4 A. Clean and jerk, work to heavy single, then 3x1 @ 90% B. Halting deadlift 4x3 with 3 sec pause at knee C. Front squat 3x3 @ 80%

Workout 5 A. Shoulder press 4x2-3, rest 2-3mins B. Pendlay row 4x6, rest 60sec C. Group Metcon [/spoiler]