Leah shares her thoughts about the past weekend. She finished 2nd overall, and Jodi finished 4th. Hot times!

Hi all,

I wanted to thank everyone for their support leading up to the competition this past weekend! Overall it was an awesome day! Not only did Jodi and I set some personal bests, but applied for some to be national records! (soon to be confirmed). We met some great people from the powerlifting community that day and had fun! The event was the Canadian Powerlifting Federation Ontario Pro championship in Waterloo. This was the first sanctioned competition for Jodi and I, and it was a challenging day both physically and mentally. Training leading up to the day had been going well with a key addition of regular massage which has made a huge different for me, so I was excited. The even started 2.5 hours late so a big challenge was trying to stay focused and energized throughout what turned into a very long day (we were at the venue for over 12 hours!). This meant we had to carefully time our warm up sets, stay hydrated, eat properly, stretch throughout and get our energy up when it was time to lift again.

After tough opening lifts on the squat we both had to re-focus. Not an easy task when you are dealing with unfamiliar equipment, and spotters and judges all around! The nerves get going for sure and it is about channeling that energy into the lifts. With the support, advice and encouragement from Alastair and Peter we were able to push through the day. Alastair has a lot of experience at these events and he was a huge help and so encouraging throughout the day.

Finishing with PR deadlifts for our final lift was an amazing feeling! It was a great way to end a very long day (which was made even longer when we discovered that someone who shall remain nameless left the venue with my car keys and was back in Toronto...).

Huge congrats to Jodi and Alastair for pushing through and hitting some amazing lifts!! All that training has paid off. Now, it is about focusing on the next competition which is a couple of months away. I learned a lot on Saturday and am excited to make some improvements, keep gettin' huge and get back out there in February.

LG (aka coach glitter)

5 repeats: 45sec airdyne or row for cals/meters Rest 4mins The goal is to add 0.5-1 cal/meter each set.