A big thanks to Luch and Jolie for organizing Paleo Nights.Looks like it was awesome!

[spoiler title="Weekly Warmup"] 2mins @ 70% row, run, skip, airdyne

2-3 rounds of: 10 Good morning empty bar 10 Backward lunges per side 15 Shoulder pass throughs with PVC pipe [/spoiler]

[spoiler title="Group Metcons"] Monday Double Death by Wall Ball and burpees. With a running clock, perform 3 wall ball and 3 burpees in the first minute, 4 and 4 in the second minute, 5 and 5 in the third minute, and keep going until you fall off the pace. Rest 1 minute after you fall off the pace. Then drop back down to 3 wall ball and 3 burpees in the next minute. Climb the ladder again as far as possible.

Tuesday 3 sets: 4mins of constant work: 16 KB swings 8 push-ups 8 box jumps 2mins rest

Wednesday 5 sets: 60sec row or airdyne Rest 4mins

Thursday 5 rounds: wall ball, as many reps as possible unbroken, 10ft line. rest 30sec pull-ups (any style), as many reps as possible unbroken, 30sec

Friday For quality not for time. Rest as needed. 4 rounds: 3mins max double unders amrap ring dips OR perfect push-ups 10 knees to elbows 5 wall walks

Saturday 7min amrap 5 burpees 3 man makers [/spoiler]

[spoiler title="Foundation"] Workout 1 A. Shoulder Press 3x8, rest 2mins. B1. Narrow hand push-ups, 2xMax with perfect technique, rest 60sec B2. Narrow grip Chins 2xMax at tempo [4010], rest 60sec C. Group Metcon

Workout 2 A Back Squat 3x5, add 5-10lbs from last time. rest 2mins B. 1 1/4 squats 3x5, 4sec pause at ¼ position, rest 90sec C. Group Metcon

Workout 3 3 sets: rest 45-60sec between exercises. A1. RDL 10reps A2. Low Box Step-ups 15reps OR Poliquin Step-ups 20-25reps

3 sets, rest 45sec between each movements: B1. Sweeping DB Row, Non-Dominant Side, 8-12reps B2. Sweeping DB Row, Dominant Side, 8-12reps B3. Single Arm DB Press, Non-Dominant Side, 8-12reps B4. Single Arm DB Press, Dominant Side, 8-12reps

2 sets, rest as needed: C1. 4 TGU/Side C2. Front Plank 60sec (for dumbbell row, with 2 feet on the ground, hinge torso forward, put one hand on a box or bench for support. Pull the hand with the dumbbell back and up toward the hip. Keep shoulder depressed and watch for upper trap dominance, which would be incorrect. Sort of like this, except the knee doesn’t need to be up on the bench: see video below, awesome sound effects, by the way)

Workout 4 3 sets, rest 45-60sec between exercises: A1. Alternating DB backward lunge, 12 reps per side A2. Chin-ups [4010], 5-10reps A3. Double Russian KB Swing 10reps


[spoiler title="Training"] Workout 1 A. Back squat 4x5 [40x1] rest 2.5-3mins B. Group Metcon

Workout 2 A1. Press 4x5 [32x1] , rest 90sec A2. Chins, 4x4-8 [40x0], rest 90-120sec B. Group Metcon

Workout 3 A. Snatch pull & hang snatch. 7x2, rest 60-90sec B. Drop snatch 5x2, rest 60-90sec C. Deadlift 3x5 [42x1], rest 2mins D. 6mins AMRAP: 5 unbroken strict chins, 15 unbroken double unders

Workout 4 A1. DB Press 4x6-10, rest 30sec A2. Handstand Push-up, 4xAMRAP, rest 2-3mins B. Group Metcon

Workout 5 A. 8mins snatch practice B1. Front Squat 4x3 [40x1], rest 20sec B2. Back Squat (with same bar and same weight) 4x6 [40x1], rest 2-3mins 4 sets of: C1. skin the cat, 3-5reps, as needed C2. TGU 2/side HEAVY, rest as needed D. 3-5 mins double under practice [/spoiler]

[spoiler title="Competition"] Workout 1 A. Clean and Jerk, Work to a Heavy Single, then 4x1@ 90% and 2x2 @ 80% B. Power Snatch and Hang Snatch 4x1 @ 70% C. Squat 6x1 @ 90-97%. Heavy but not limit weights. Only go for a new max if it’s feeling really good as you build up.

Workout 2 A. Push Press 6x1 @ 90-95% B. Group Metcon

Workout 3 A. 10min max Muscle Ups. B. 5mins front and/or back lever practice on rings C. Group Metcon

Workout 4 A. Snatch 5x1 @ 85-90% B. Power Clean + Jerk 4x2 @ 75% C. Front Squat 5x1 @ 90-95%

Workout 5 A. 5 sets: - 8 reps Ground to Over Head @ 50% of best clean and jerk. - 12 burpees as fast as possible with max vertical jump. - Rest 4mins B. Rest 5-10mins prior to C. C. 5 sets: - 8 thrusters at 50% of best push press - 200m row. - Rest 4mins [/spoiler]

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