A transmission from the field, aka, Pete from Arizona.

Hey guys. Just checking in from Phoenix where I'm down doing a seminar. Hope you all had a great end to the week!

I've finished day 2 of 3 of hanging with a small group of some of the most promising coaches in North America sharing ideas and learning about advanced aspects of program design. These guys very smart, passionate people with a wide array of experience.

One thing that I'm coming away ...with is that our current protocols are solid. Having said that, many aspects are being upgraded and/or fine tuned as a result of some learning this weekend. I'm stoked about that.

There is always lots to learn and more questions to ask, but as a gym and community we're on a really good path and we're going to keep getting even better over time. We're proud to say that there aren't many training centres in the world who are doing what we're doing and thinking about what we're thinking about.

I speak for our whole crew when I say we feel very fortunate to be able to share it with you! It's exciting to think about where our training system is going to be in a year or two from now as we continue to upgrade our understanding and tool-box.

See you guys on Tues or Wed!


5 Rounds for time: 8 Walking overhead lunges per side, fairly heavy 10 Toes to bar 50 Double unders. (Scale # of double unders as appropriate. Otherwise 125 single skips.)