[spoiler title="Weekly Warmup"] 2mins @ 70%, jogging, skipping, rowing or airdyne

2-3 rounds of: 10 FFESS/side 10 RDL with Empty Bar 10 Ring Rows [/spoiler]

[spoiler title="Group Metcons"] Monday Complete 5 sets for max reps of: 30 seconds of Pull-Ups Rest 60 seconds 30 seconds of DB Thrusters @ 40-50% 1RM push press Rest 60 seconds 30 seconds of Heavy Russian Kettlebell Swings Rest 60 seconds

Tuesday 8 min AMRAP 10 Box Jumps 5 Push-ups

Wednesday In teams of 3, perform 4 sets each of: 1:45 Rowing 15s Rest (Use the 15sec to transition and switch the person on the rowing machine in the 15sec rest. Goal is to accumulate as many calories as possible.)

Thursday 4 rounds: 15 KBS - 2/1.5 pd 15 Wall Balls 35 Double Unders

Friday 6 rounds @ max effort: 15 burpees 200m run OR airdyne 20cals rest 2mins

Saturday Three rounds for time of: 400m run 21 kettlebell swings, overhead, 1.5/1 12 pull-ups [/spoiler]

[spoiler title="Foundation"] Workout 1 A1. Back Squat 3x5, add 5-10lbs from last time. Rest 60sec A2. Chin-ups, 3xmax reps [40x0] rest 60-90sec B. Group Metcon

Workout 2 A. Push Press 5x3, rest 90sec B1. Good Morning 3x10, rest 45sec B2. Poliquin Step-up 3x20-25, rest 45sec C. 2x 45-60sec side plank per side, rest 30-60sec between sides.

Workout 3 A1. FFESS 4x8-10, rest 30sec A2. Narrow Grip Push-ups, 4sets of max reps. 90sec B. Group Metcon

Workout 4 A1. Back Squat, 3x5, add 5lbs from last time, rest 60sec A2. Narrow grip chins, 3xmax reps, rest 90sec B. Group Metcon [/spoiler]

[spoiler title="Training"] Last week we maxed out and went very heavy on certain lifts. This week is a Light Week. No Missed Reps. No limit Weights. Feel like you have 2-4 reps left in the tank on all your strength workouts this week. We're recovering this week so we can come back fresh next week and start a new loading cycle.

Workout 1 A1. Shoulder Press 3x5.rest 60-90sec A2. Chin-ups 3x3-6, rest 60-90sec B. Group Metcon

Workout 2 A1. Back Squat 3x3, rest 30sec A2. Pull-ups 3xmax reps, rest 2-3mins B. Group Metcon

Workout 3 A. Push Press 3x3, rest 90sec B. 5-10mins Double Under Practice, rest as needed. C. Group Metcon

Workout 4 A. Hang Power Snatch 6x2 B. OHS 3x3 progressively heavier sets C1. RDL 3x10, rest 45sec C2. Poliquin Step-ups 3x20-25/side , rest 45sec

Workout 5 A. 3-4 sets, rest 30-60sec between stations as needed: A1. Accumulate 20sec of handstand hold A2. Accumulate 30sec of L-sit A3. Ring Dips, max reps A4. Strict Chin-ups, max reps B. Group Metcon [/spoiler]

[spoiler title="Competition"] Workout 1 A. Snatch, work up to heavy single, then 4x2 @ 80-85%, rest as needed B. Back Squat 3x3 @ 81-85% (aim for same weight you did 5x5 with last week), rest 2-3mins C. 3 sets: 8-15 Controlled toe-to-bar, rest as needed, 8-10 RDL, rest as needed

Workout 2 A. Bench Press 5x5 @ 79-84%, rest 2-3mins B. Group Metcon

Workout 3 A. 10min amrap, 5 ring dips, 5 chest to bar pull-ups B. 3x15 Low Box step-ups, rest 30sec between each side C. Group Metcon

Workout 4 A. Clean and Jerk, work up to heavy single. Then 3x1 @ 85-90% of that. Rest as needed B. Back Squat 2x1 @ 90%, rest 2mins C. 5x8 Glute Ham Raises, rest as needed D. 400 double unders for time.

Workout 5 A. Push press 6x3 @ 80-85% with [32x1] tempo. B. Group Metcon