Exciting news! Quantum CF is working on developing two new coaches to enable us to help more people. Many of you know KC and Summer, long time trainees and all around cool dudes/dudettes. They've recently aced their CrossFit Level 1 Certification and we've been working very hard with them over the last couple months on lots of aspects of coaching. Now they're ready to roll. Starting this week you'll see them at a bunch of classes acting as the secondary coach. Soon they will be taking the lead and adding some great new elements to our program.

Summer is already working with us as our Nutrition expert, running her consultancy, Haute Life, out of our gym.

KC has been a member for a long time, has competed for our gym, and as previously posted, a damn talented director!

Next time you see them, tell them congrats!

Summer and Big Mike:

KC 'rastling an atlas stone: