[spoiler title="Weekly Warmup"]2mins @ 70%, jog, bike, row or skip 2-3 rounds of: - 10 wall squats/squat therapy - 10 inch worms - 3-5 wall walks [/spoiler]

[spoiler title="Group Metcons"] Monday 10min AMRAP 5 woman/man makers 15 box jumps

Tuesday Sled Drags 7 sets: 50m forward, 50m backward rest 60-90sec

Wednesday 2 rounds: 2mins row or airdyne 1mins rest 2mins: 5 burpees, 10 KB Swings 1mins rest 2mins: 30 double unders, 10 wall ball 1min rest

Thursday 10min, ascending ladder -pullups -push-ups -bodyweight squat 1 rep of each, then 2 reps of each, then 3 reps of each. Do as far as possible.

Friday 6 rounds: 30sec battling ropes 60sec rest 30sec airdyne sprint 60sec rest

Saturday In teams of 2 with only 1 partner working at a time, complete 5 rounds of: 40 DB Thrusters at approx 45% of 1rm Push Press 400m run [/spoiler]

[spoiler title="Foundation"] Workout #1 A1. **Deadlift 3x5, ramping sets. Rest 15sec. A2. Push-ups, 3xmax, perfect form, Rest 2mins **Add 5-10lbs from last time.

B. Group Metcon

Workout #2 A1. Press 4x5, rest 60sec A2. Chins 4x4-8 [40x0], rest 90sec

B1. **Back Squat 3x5, controlled tempo on lowering phase, sets across, rest 30sec B2. Seated DB external rotation, 3x10-15, rest 90sec **Add 2.5-10lbs more than last time.

C. Accumulate 3mins in front plank

Workout #3 3-4 sets of: A1. Ring Rows, max reps [20x3], rest 30-60sec A2. 5 Heavy Turkish Get-ups per side, rest 30-60sec A3. Hollow Body Rocks, accumulate 30sec A4. Push-ups, perfect form. Done for quality, max reps. Rest 30sec B. Group Metcon

Workout #4 A1. FFESS, 3x6-8 [30x0], rest 30sec A2. Toes-to-Bar, no kipping 3x6-10, rest 30sec A3. Heavy Russian KB Swings, 3x10-15 reps. rest 90-120sec B. Group Metcon [/spoiler]

[spoiler title="Training"] Workout #1 A1. Front Squat 3x1., rest 10-15sec during cluster, rest 30sec A2. pull-ups 3xmax reps, rest 2-3mins B. Group Metcon

Workout #2 A. Shoulder Press 1RM, Rest 2mins B. Group Metcon

Workout #3 A. Deadlift. 3 progressively heavier sets of 3. Perfect form. Rest 30sec B. Low Box Step-up 3x15, rest 1.5-2mins C. Group Metcon

Workout #4 A. Push Press 1RM B. Group Metcon

Workout #5 A. Hang Snatch x2 + OH Squat 6x2, rest 60-90sec. B. Group Metcon [/spoiler]

[spoiler title="Competition"] Workout #1 A. hang snatch and snatch 7x1, for quality, rest 60sec B. back squat 5x5 @ 81-85%, rest 2-3mins C. 4 sets: GHD Sit-ups, 10reps, rest as needed

Workout #2 A. Shoulder Press 5x5 @ 78-81%, rest 2-3mins B. Group Metcon

Workout #3 A. 5sets: 5 Heavy OHS, 5 MU, max HSPU. Rest 2mins B. Group Metcon

Workout #4 A. Clean and Jerk, 5x1 between 80-90%, rest 60sec B. Front Squat 3x1 @ 90-95%, rest 2mins C. 7 rounds: 45sec row full out, rest 3mins

Workout #5 A. Push Press 5x5 @ 75-80% B. Group Metcon [/spoiler]