[spoiler title="Group Metcons"] Tuesday: Testing Workout 12min AMRAP 15 Wall Ball 50 double unders (or 100singles)

Wednesday: 6 rounds: 20sec battling ropes 20sec rest 20sec airdyne sprint 20sec rest 20sec burpees as fast as possible 20sec rest 20sec toe to bar 20sec rest

Thursday: Testing Workout: 30, 20, 10 KB Swings (overhead) DB Push Press @ 40-45% 1RM OH Walking Lunges (15/side, 10/side, 5/side)

Friday: [22mins total] 2 rounds: 2mins amrap: 5 push-ups, 10 box jumps, 10 Russian KB Swings 2mins rest 2mins row 2mins rest 2min airdyne 2min rest

Saturday: 5 rounds: 15 unbroken DB thrusters, as heavy as possible 15 box jumps Rest 90sec


[spoiler title="Foundation"] Workout #1 [20mins] A1. Press 4x3 [21x3], rest 60sec A2. Close Grip Chins 4xMax [40x0], rest 90sec

[18mins] B1. back squat 4x2-4 [30x1], rest 15sec B2. powel raise 3x8-12 [4010], rest 90sec

[8mins] C. 2 sets of: side plank, accumulate 40-60sec, rest 30sec ring rows [20x3] as many reps as possible, rest 30sec

Workout #2 A1. Deadlift 4x8 [22x0], rest 60sec A2. Standing DB Press 4x6-10, rest 60sec B. Group Metcon

Workout #3 A. 3 sets [22mins]: Low Box Step-ups 12-15/side, rest 45sec Wide Grip Pull-ups, max reps, rest 45sec Good Morning 8-10reps, rest 45sec DB Skull crushers 8-12reps, rest 45sec B. Group Metcon

Workout #4 A1. FFESS, 3x6-8 [30x0], rest 30sec A2. Knee 2 Elbows 3x6-10, rest 30sec A3. Double Under practice 3x2mins, rest 90-120sec B. Group Metcon


[spoiler title="Training"] Workout #1 [25mins] A1. Front Squat, Heavy, 5x3, rest 15sec A2. Back Squat 5x6-8, rest 2mins B. Group Metcon

Workout #2 [20mins] A1. Push Press 4x5, rest 20sec A2. Max Reps of Chest to Bar Pull-ups, 4 sets, rest 2mins B. Group Metcon

Workout #3 A. For Quality: 2 Hang Power Snatch + 2 OH Squat, 6x1, rest 60-90sec WATCH THIS VIDEO BEFORE TRAINING: http://startingstrength.com/index.php/site/index/the_power_snatch B. Group Metcon

Workout #4 [22mins] A1. Shoulder Press 5x3 [21x1]. Rest 60sec A2. Chins 5x3-6 [40x0], rest 90sec

[16mins] B1. RDL 3x 8-10, rest 45sec B2. Low Box Step-up, 3x12-15, rest 45sec B3. Straight Arm DB Shoulder Press 3x8-12, rest 45sec http://gymnasticswod.com/content/standing-full-range-straight-arm-shoulder-press C. Accumulate 60-90sec of L-sit

Workout #5 A. 5 sets for quality: 4 HEAVY TGU/side, rest 45sec 1min handstand hold against wall OR 5-10 handstand push-ups, rest 45sec B. 4mins double under practice C. Group Metcon [/spoiler]

[spoiler title="Competition"] Workout #1 A. Power Clean 5x2 B. Back Squat 3,2,1,3,2,1 rest 3mins C1. RDL 3x10, rest 45sec C2. 20 strict knee to elbow, rest 45sec

Workout #2 A1. Jerk from the Rack, 6x1 @ 85-90%, rest 60sec A2. Chins 6x1-2 [40x0], rest 60sec B. Group Metcon

Workout #3 A. 4 sets of quality, rest as needed 4-6 muscle-ups 8-10 HSPU 50 double unders B. Group Metcon

Workout #4 A1. Deadlift [42x0] 4x3, rest 60sec A2. Russian Step-up, 4x10/side, rest 60-90sec B. Metcon with Group

Workout #5 A. 6 sets: alternate between 1min Row @ 90%, 1min Row @ 60% Rest 6mins, complete 8 Heavy TGU/side during rest. B. 6 sets: alternate between 1min airdyne @90%, 1min airdyne @ 60% [/spoiler]