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[spoiler title="Metcons"] Tuesday: 10min AMRAP: 10 wall ball 10 DB push press 10 box jump

Wednesday: 5sets 100m sand bag carry 20 KB Swings Rest 90sec

Thursday; 2 Rounds: 1min row @ 95%, rest 2min 1min airdyne @ 95%, rest 2min 2min gymnastic play: skin the cat, toe-to-bar, hand stand practice, L-sit 1min rest

Friday: For time, 15min cut-off: 15 box jumps 30 double unders 400m run

Saturday: 5 rounds for time: 5 man makers 10 wall ball [/spoiler]

[spoiler title="Foundation Group"] Workout #1 [22mins] A1. Press 4x8 [21x3], rest 60sec A2. Chins 4x6-10 [40x0], rest 90sec

[18mins] b1. back squat 4x6-8 [30x1], rest 15sec b2. Heavy Russian KB Swings 4x15, rest 90sec

[4mins] c. 4mins max double unders

Workout #2 A1. Deadlift 3x5 [42x0], rest 30sec A2. Skull Crushers 3x10-15, rest 60sec

B. Group Metcon

Workout #3 A. 3 sets: TGU 6/side, rest 30sec Lox Box Step-up 12-15/side, rest 30sec Powel raise 8-12/side, rest 30sec

B. Group Metcon

Workout #4 a1. ring rows 4x5-10 [20x3], rest 45sec a2. knee to elbow 4x6-10, rest 45sec

B. Row in 2min pyriamids. Look at wattage. Start at 5-6 RPE. Hold for 2mins. Increase by 25wats every 2 mins and hold it steady until you get ot a 10 RPE. Go as far as you can. Stop when you get to 10. Notice your power output in relation to your RPE, and the difference between sustainable work and unsustainable work. [/spoiler]

[spoiler title="Training Group"] Workout #1

[25mins] A1. Front Squat 5x3 [30x1], rest 15sec A2. Pull-ups, 5xAMRAP, rest 2.5mins

[20mins] B. 5 sets: 60sec row or airdyne @ 95% (pick one for the entire workout), Rest 3mins during which time, accumulate 30sec L-sit and

Workout #2 A. Push Press 5x3 @ 85-90%. Rest 90sec B. Group Metcon

Workout #3 Hang muscle snatch + 3 OH Squat 6x1, rest 90sec 3x3mins of 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 air squat, rest 3mins between sets. Stay consistent across each set. Find the right gear. 9/10 effort.

Workout #4 A1. RDL 4x8-10, rest 60sec A2. Seated DB Press 4x6-8 [31x1], rest 60sec

B.Group Metcon

Workout #5 A. 4 sets at relaxed pace: knee to elbow 6-10, controlled tempo 50 double unders

B. 3 sets at light pace: Cossacks 10/side, 200m light running, amrap chins [3010]

C. 5 rounds: 10 single arm KB Swing, 100m heavy sled run. Rest 3mins [/spoiler]

[spoiler title="Competition Group"] Workout #1 Hang Snatch 6x2 and medium weight. Drop Snatch 4x2

5 sets: 8 handstand push-ups 16 pull-ups 50 double unders, rest 2mins

Workout #2 A. Power Clean 6x2, rest 60sec B. 6 sets: 15 DB Thrusters at 45% 1RM push press, 15 burpees as fast as possible, rest 3mins

Workout #3 A. 10min amrap: muscle-ups B. 3min @ 85%, 3min @ 50% 2x3. Row Rest 5mins between sets. Complete 10 Heavy TGUs/side during the rest.

Workout #4 A. B Sq 6x3 [41x2], rest 2min B1. Press 4x4-6 [31x1], rest 90sce B2. 1 +1/2 Chin 4xmax, rest 90sec (pull yourself to the top, lower down half way, pull back up, then lower all the way down. That’s one rep. Use a controlled tempo on all lower action)

Workout #5 A. 5sets: thrusters 8 @ 50% 1RM PP, 16 burpees as fast as possible, 16 box jumps, rest 2-3mins B. 35 knee to elbow, no kipping [/spoiler]