New programming!

Foundation Group

Workout #1 [22mins] A1. Press 4x8 [21x3], rest 60sec A2. Chins 4x6-10 [40x0], rest 90sec

[18mins] B1. back squat 4x6-8 [30x1], rest 15sec B2. Heavy Russian KB Swings 4x15, rest 90sec

[4mins] C. 4mins max double unders

Training Group Workout #1

[25mins] A1. Front Squat 5x3 [30x1], rest 15sec A2. Pull-ups, 5xAMRAP, rest 2.5mins

[20mins] B1. 5 sets: 60sec row or airdyne @ 95% (pick one for the entire workout), Rest 3mins during which time, accumulate 30sec L-sit and

Competition Group Workout #1 Hang Snatch 6x2 and medium weight. Drop Snatch 4x2 5 sets: 8 handstand push-ups 16 pull-ups 50 double unders, rest 2mins

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