Starting on Monday Aug 22, we will be experimenting with some exciting changes to our group programming! For 3-4 weeks we will test having 3 different groups of workouts based on individual experience, progression and goals. This is an area we’ve been thinking about improving for a long time and has come about in reviewing the progress of individuals and recognizing that each person comes into the program at a different level.

Ideally, this new system will allow 3 different user levels to experience better training and progression by giving them a better training stimulus relative to where they are and where they want to go. The new system should also remove the randomized training that occurs due to scheduling where people sometimes miss several key workouts simply because they can’t train on certain days of the week.

It is also a major goal to make sure everyone continues to have fun and train in a friendly, positive group environment. We all love that aspect of our training community and don’t want to do anything to diminish that. Quite the opposite – it’s something we want to continue to grow and develop.

We ask that you all think about the good and bad aspects of this change over the next 4 weeks and report back with feedback to let us know your feels about this switch. There may be a lot of factors that come into play, and we want to hear about everything!

GROUP 1 – FOUNDATION (2-4 training days per week)

Learn about basic strength training, energy systems, develop all aspects of your fitness and correct structural imbalances. Understand and create an awareness as to what works best for you, how to do the program, create a balance between living and training, and begin to teach others starting out.

The goal here is to build a base and eventually move to the "training" level over time. How much time? As long as is needed. When you do you change? When you and your coach feel you are ready to take the next step.

Some things you should be comfortable with at this stage: basic barbell training, working hard, and consistent schedule. At this level, the goals is to learn, develop a sound base of strength and begin to play with conditioning with variation and fun!

GROUP 2 – TRAINING (3-5 training days per week)

Upgrade your fitness and have a plan and a direction for the first time in "balanced fitness"; take the sets, reps, energy system training, etc. to a new level of understanding; spend time on the areas in which you need more work; figure out when to "smash it" or to "ease off". Learn your gears and how to run your engine.

Things you should be comfortable with: gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, variation in loads and speeds for all lifts, your body and training temperament, and an understanding of energy system training. At this level, the strength base is largely built, progress is slower, and tweaking is needed to fine tune the system.

The goal from here is up to you. You may choose to focus on health and fully develop yourself at this level or to move to the ‘competition’ level to test your will and physical ability. This is a stable place to train and live and take your fitness to new levels.

GROUP 3 - COMPETITION (4-5 training days per week)

You view fitness as your sport and your priority is testing your limits through competition. You have a large base of training and take fitness as something more than just a hobby. You pay attention to nutrition and your food is 100%. The volume of work is high. You possess a sound knowledge of your own engine and how to run it. This level requires serious dedication and is not for everyone.