Monday, August 1st: We're closed for the Holiday.

Weekly Warm-up

2mins @ 75% effort of either: jog, skip, row, airdyne

2 or 3 Rounds: 15-20 band external rotations (aka. no money drill) 10 Front Foot Elevated Split Squats/side at bodyweight 10 Romanian Dead Lifts with an empty bar

Part 1 Novice: a1. Back Squat – 2 x 5, then 1 x 5+ (add 5-10lbs more than last time) – rest 60sec a2. ring rows 3xMax, [2011] use strict tempo, rest 90-120sec

Intermediate: Back Squat 4x4-6 [31x1] strict tempo (that means: 3sec lowering, 1sec pause at the bottom, up fast, only 1sec rest at the top, then back into the next squat)

Part 2 12min AMRAP 5 Man/Woman Makers - see Video 1. 10 Box Jumps 15 KB Swings

Video 1: Man/Woman Makers