Burpees and Good Will...well of course they go hand in hand.  Add in some CrossFitters and fun and you've got a Burpee FlashMob!

Come out on Saturday June 11th to help raise funds for Operation Peru (click for details)

Three minutes of Burpees at 1pm sharp in Dundas Square (Yonge and Dundas across from the Eaton Centre).  The city will be charged with burpee magic!

Followed by a CrossFit'esque Scavenger Hunt along Dundas...ending at the Academy of Lions.  Get ready for pull ups, box jumps and handstands done urban style.

Rewarded by an awesome Pig Roast at the Academy.

Please come out and support Operation Peru.  Ask us (or email!) for full details and sign up at the gym.

Weekly Warm Up

2 mins Skipping/Rowing/Jogging

2 Rounds of:

  • 10 Inch Worms
  • 10 -15 Band Pull Aparts
  • 10 Romanian Deadlifts with Empty Bar
  • 20 Poliquin Step Ups (load with moderate to heavy dumbbells)

Part 1: A1. Press 4 x 6-8 – rest 2 mins

Part 2: 5 Rounds for time of:

  • 12 Toes-to-Bar
  • 6 Handstand Push-ups OR 10 Push-ups
  • 4 Turkish Get Ups/side
  • 200m Run

*15min cut-off