DAY 33 Get Real Mo’links: Self Love How to Heal a Tired Wolf Rockin Moroccan Chicken

Weekly Warm Up

Mobility: Psoas Stretch

500m Row OR 2mins of Double Unders work

2 Rounds:

  • Torsion Control Drill – 10-15 touches/side (controlled tempo)
  • 15 Glute Bridges with slow tempo (focus on using glutes and not hamstrings)
  • 15/side Prone Y’s
  • 25 Poliquin Step Ups OR 15 Low Box Step-Ups
  • Part 1:

    3 Rounds of: A1. Overhead Squat [go heavy - weight can change each set] 3 x 10 -rest 30sec A2. Hand Stand Push-ups 3 x 4-6 OR 3 x 3 Wall Walks (5sec pause at top) - rest 30sec A3. Max Kipping Pull-ups (if you have 3 unassisted Strict Chin ups) OR Max Ring Rows - rest 30sec A4. 50 Double Unders OR 25 Box Jumps - rest 30sec A5. L-sit - accumulate 20-30sec - rest 90sec

    THEN...Mandatory Mobility...because we love you Lacrosse Ball Massage to Chest - 60sec

    Alternate between: B1. Pec Minor Stretch 2 x 45sec/side B2. Trap 3 Raise 2 x 10 [4010]