REMINDER, we have special Family Day hours today - 9AM, 12PM, 5PM AND 6PM CLASSES!

It's the end of our training cycle....BENCH MARK WEEK!  Time to see how real eats and your training has paid off.  Remember, recovery is critical between your workouts...that means good food, lots of mobility and stretching and sleeeeep!

DAY 21 Get Real Mo’links: ONE Ingredient EZ Points MO Bacon Ideas

Weekly Warm Up

Mobility: T-Spine Mobility with Lacrosse Ball

2 Rounds:

  • 2-4 Cast Wall Walks - pause 5sec at top
  • 25 Poliquin Step Ups OR 15 Low Box Step-Ups
  • 8-10 Split Squats/side
  • Part 1:

    NEW Q’s: A1: Back Squat 3 x 5 sets across – rest 2mins

    VETERAN Q’s: A1. Front Squat 1RM

    Part 2:

    *BENCHMARK #1 (20min cut-off) *Compare to January 3, 2011

    2 Rounds for Time of:

    • 15 Pull-ups
    • 30 Burpees
    • 60 Kettlebell Swings