It's On!  Welcome to Day 1 of the Get Real Nutrition Challenge.

The weeks ahead are going to take some strong determination and you may be tempted to give up.  One promise...if you stick with it you will experience amazing results no matter what your goals.  Saying good bye to processed foods and sugar, and really focusing on eating for health and performance is a win-win deal!  We've got an awesome Get Real Crew ready to support and motivate.  Plan, prepare, eat Real, train hard, blog and get ready to get strong and hella hawt!

As well as following the Get Real bloggers, we'll be posting some articles over the next 6 weeks.  Information is power yo!

Good luck....can't wait to see all your awesome progress!

DAY 1 Get Real Mo'links:

It May be Calorie Free but it Ain't Free Breakfast remixed What's REAL?

Weekly Warm-up

Mobility: Band Chest Stretch  – 90-120sec/side Check it here (at about 2:18)

2 Rounds:

  • 15-20 Scapular Push Ups with controlled tempo
  • 15 Band Pull Aparts
  • 10 X-Band Walks/side
  • 10 Overhead Squats
  • Part 1: A1. Seated Dumbbell Press 4 x 2-4 [3011] – rest 60sec A2. Barbell Rows 4 x 6-8 [3110] – rest 30sec A3. Low Box Step Ups 3 x 12-15 [2010]– rest 30sec

    Part 2:

    4 Rounds for Max Reps of:

    • 20sec Battling ropes
    • 10sec Rest
    • 20sec Wall Ball
    • 10sec Rest
    • 20sec Double Unders
    • 10sec Rest
    • 20sec Toes-to-Bar
    • 10sec Rest